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Mineral deposits left by water can clog your
Coffeemaker. It is necessary to regularly clean
your Coffeemaker to flush out these deposits.
Clean your Coffeemaker about every 1 - 3 months.
Frequency of cleaning will be affected by water
hardness. If you live in a hard water area, you may
have to clean the Coffeemaker more frequently.
Excessive steaming or a prolonged brewing cycle
are signs that cleaning is needed.
During cleaning, more steaming occurs than when
brewing coffee.
1. Pour white vinegar into the Carafe up to the
"6" cup level mark and add cold water up to the
10-cup level.
2. Pour this cleaning solution into the Water
Reservoir. Place the Carafe on the "Keeps Hot"
Plate making sure the Carafe Lid is on the
3. Remove the Filter Basket and place a standard
cupcake-style paper coffee filter in it. Put the
Filter Basket back in the Coffeemaker.
4. Turn the Coffeemaker on.
5. Let 1/2 the cleaning solution brew into the
Carafe, then turn the Coffeemaker off.
6. Let the Coffeemaker cool for 15 minutes to
soften the deposits.
7. Pour the liquid that brewed into the Carafe back
into the Water Reservoir.
8. Turn the Coffeemaker on and let all the cleaning
solution brew into the Carafe.
9. Turn the Coffeemaker off and discard the
cleaning solution and soiled paper filter.
10.Fill the Coffeemaker with fresh water; follow
the steps in "Before Brewing Coffee" (page 4) to
flush out the remaining cleaning solution.
11.Wash the filter Basket, Carafe and Lid as
instructed in "Cleaning After Brewing" on pg. 10.

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