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Changing Monitor Settings; Adjusting The Screen Brightness; Adjusting Touch Tone Volume; Setting The Date And Time - Philips IntelliVue MP Series Instructions For Use Manual

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Changing Monitor Settings

Changing Monitor Settings
To change monitor settings such as date and time, brightness, or QRS tone volume, select the
Main Setup SmartKey and then select the setting you want to change, or select User
Interface to enter a submenu where you can change user interface settings.

Adjusting the Screen Brightness

Select the
Select the appropriate setting for the screen brightness. 10 is the brightest, 1 is the least
If you are using an MP90 with an external display, the Brightness SmartKey does not adjust the
brightness of this display. See the instructions supplied with the external display for instructions.

Adjusting Touch Tone Volume

The touch tone volume is the tone you hear when you select any field on the monitor screen. To adjust
the touch tone volume,
In the Main Setup menu, select User Interface
Select TouchToneVolume, then select the appropriate setting for the touch tone volume: 10 is
the loudest and 1 is the quietest. Selecting zero switches the touch tone volume off.

Setting the Date and Time

If your monitor is connected to an Information Center, the date and time are automatically taken from
this. Once it is set, the internal clock retains the setting even when you switch off the monitor.
WARNING Changing the date or time will affect the storage of trends and events.
Select the
Select, in turn, the
Select Store Date, Time to change the date and time.

Checking Your Monitor Revision

Select Main Setup -> Revision to open the Revision Window.
The monitor revision will be shown in the format, where a.b indicates the major monitor
release, c indicates the revision of the hardware purchased, and d and e indicate the software revision. If
the Revision Screen shows B.05.60, then the monitor has the hardware revision 5 and the
software revision 60 from the B.0 monitor release.
screen element from the monitor's info line to enter the Date, Time
Date, Time
Year, Month, Day, Hour
1 Basic Operation
(in 24 hour format, only) and


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