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Stopping Reports Printouts - Philips IntelliVue MP Series Instructions For Use Manual

Patient monitor.
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24 Printing Patient Reports

Stopping Reports Printouts

To stop Reports printing, in the
Stop Report
Stop All Reports
Scheduled Rep.
Setting Up Reports
Before you can print ECG, Vital Signs, Graphic Trends, or Auto Reports, you must define the report
content. Typically, report content will be defined once for your monitor. As the content of context-
linked reports, such as Cardiac Output, Calculations, and Wedge, is defined by the content of the
procedure window, these reports do not need to be set up.
To set up reports:
In the Reports menu, select the name of the report you want to set up in the lower half of the
reports menu to enter its individual setup menu.
Select each entry in the individual reports setup menus and choose the required setting as described
in the individual sections.
The content you define in the individual
type: for example, if you set a print speed of 50 mm/sec in the
will be printed at this speed, irrespective of format.
Setting Up ECG Reports
The settings you choose in the
ECG Reports
ReportLeadLayout see which report layout has been configured for your monitor, Internat. or
ECG Gain
menu, select
to stop the current print job
to cancel all queued report printouts
to toggle to
and switch off scheduled reports.
Setup Reports
menu apply for all ECG reports printed.
ECG Reports
This menu entry lets you...
. This setting can only be changed in Configuration Mode.
set the required ECG Gain. This defines how ECG waves will appear on the
ECG report printouts.
Choose 5 mm/mV , 10 mm/mV , or 20 mm/mV.
set the report print speed. Select either 25 mm/sec or 50 mm/sec .
toggle between the settings On and Off to choose whether the printed ECG
wave should be annotated with beat labels or not. See the chapter on ECG for a
list of beat labels. Pace pulse marks are automatically printed beside the wave for
paced patients.
Stopping Reports Printouts
menus will be used in all reports of this
menu, every ECG report
ECG Reports


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