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Brewing Coffee; Uto Brew; Coffee Brewing Tips; Care And Cleaning - Black & Decker BCM1410BDC Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker 12-cup programmable coffeemaker use and care book


Table of Contents


1. Fill water reservoir with cold tap water using water
markings on carafe for desired amount (F). Do not
exceed the 12-cup maximum level (G).
- 8 -
- 6 -
- 4 -
2. Place basket style paper filter into the removable filter
3. Place the filter basket into the filter basket
compartment (H).
dd desired amount of ground coffee.
5. Close the filter basket cover securely.
6. Place empty carafe on "Keep Hot" plate.
7. Plug cord into standard electrical outlet.
8. Press ON/ UTO/OFF button; red power light comes on and brewing begins.
OR set the uto function and the green light comes on. (See below for

uto Brew)

9. Once brewing cycle is complete keep coffee on "Keep Hot" plate between
servings to keep hot.
10. Once coffee grounds have cooled, carefully open filter basket cover. Using
basket handle, remove and discard used grounds and paper filter. Close filter
basket cover.
11. Coffee maker will automatically turn off after 2 hours.
The Sneak- -Cup® feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee from the carafe while
the coffee is brewing. When the carafe is removed the brewing process is paused.
Simply replace the carafe on the "Keep Hot" plate within 30 seconds and brewing
1. Follow steps 1 through 7 under Brewing Coffee.
2. Press the Program button twice; the word TIMER
appears on the top left of the display.
3. The digital clock displays 12:00 .M (J).
4. To change the time: Press HOUR button until the correct time appears on the
display. Repeat with the MIN button.
5. Press ON/ UTO/OFF button twice; the red power light comes on followed by
the green UTO light.
6. When brewing begins at the pre-set time the green light goes off and the Red
power light comes on.
7. To cancel the UTO brew, press the ON/ UTO/OFF button.


1. Stir coffee in carafe before serving to evenly distribute the flavor.
2. Coffee that is poured during brewing cycle may vary in strength from the
finished brew.
3. Not sure how much coffee to use – begin by using 1 level tablespoon of medium
grind coffee for each cup of coffee to be brewed.
4. dd some interesting flavor to your coffee: add ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
or allspice to the coffee grinds for 8 cups of coffee. Orange and lemon zest can
also be added to the grounds. Or stir a drop of vanilla extract into the brewed
5. Use cinnamon sticks for stirrers for an added interest.
6. Like hot milk in your coffee – pour amount of milk desired into the carafe before
brewing. Make sure to leave enough room in the carafe for the amount of coffee
you wish to brew.
7. For great coffee flavor make sure all the parts of the coffee maker are cleaned
after each use. The residual oils from previously brewed coffee can give your
next brew a rancid, bitter flavor.
8. Coffee grounds stored in an airtight container can be held in the refrigerator for
up to 2 weeks.

Care and Cleaning

This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified service
1. Be sure the unit is off and cooled.
2. Open the one piece water reservoir and filter basket cover, remove the filter
basket (lift straight up), and discard the coffee grounds.
3. The removable filter basket and carafe lid are all top rack dishwasher safe;
or they may be hand washed in warm, sudsy water. See below for carafe care.
4. The coffeemaker's exterior, control panel area and "Keep Hot" plate may be
cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
Note: Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads. Never immerse the
coffeemaker in water.
5. To clean the inside of one piece water reservoir, open the filter basket cover.
ll lights are off.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents