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Professional dock
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Telephone Number:
Purchase Date (DD/MM/YYYY):
Dealer's Name:
Dealer's Telephone Number:
Dealer's Address:
Serial Number:
ly loaded.
manual on
IMPORTANT! Warranty Service will be covered and
provided by the point of sales. Please store this ASUS
he USB
Warranty Information Form and the original purchase
invoice in a secured location for future reference. ASUS
reserves the right to request this document before accepting
repair requests. This does not affect or limit your mandatory
statutory rights.
A. Warranty Period: This warranty applies for the period
B. General:
1. Accessories delivered together with the product are not
Q14837-1_ASUS_Professional_Dock_QSG_V2.indd 3
ASUS Warranty Information Form
defined on the Product support page of ASUS official website
at The warranty commences
on the date the product was first purchased by an end-
customer. If proof of purchase cannot be provided, the
manufacture date as recorded by ASUS will be deemed to be
the start of warranty period.
covered under the warranty.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents