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Step 11 Wiring Connections - Samsung DW80R9950 Series Installation Manual

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STEP 11 Wiring connections

1. Before connecting the power cable to the dishwasher, make sure the circuit breaker is off.
2. In the junction box located at the front bottom right of the dishwasher, find the three
power wires from the dishwasher including the grounding line.
3. Pass the power cable through the strain relief, and then into the junction box
(Figure 11).
4. Connect the black wire of the dishwasher to the black wire of the power cable by
insertng both into a wire nut. and then rotating the wire connector as shown in
Figure 12.
Connect the white wire to the white wire and the green to the green in the same
5. Recheck each wire to ensure it is connected correctly and securely.
Each colored wire should be connected to the corresponding wire of the same color.
White should be connected to white, black to black, and green to green.
6. Reconnect the junction box cover on the dishwasher.
Figure 11
DW9900R_DD68-00208B-00_EN.indd 30
Power cable
Junction box
Strain relief
Black to black
White to white
Green to green
(Ground to ground)
12/29/2018 1:57:46 PM

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