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Chain Tension Adjustment - Black & Decker Alligator 90520380 Instruction Manual

Alligator lopper
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90520380 Lopper w batt revised
OK, and you do not get proper charging, take or send the battery
pack and charger to your local Black & Decker service center.
See Tools Electric in yellow pages.
5. The battery pack should be recharged when it fails to produce
sufficient power on jobs which were easily done previously. DO
NOT CONTINUE using product with its battery pack in a
depleted condition.
6. To prolong battery life, avoid leaving the battery pack on charge
for extended periods of time (over 30 days without use). Although
overcharging is not a safety concern, it can significantly reduce
overall battery life.
7. The battery pack will reach optimum performance after being
cycled 5 times during normal usage. There is no need to run the
batteries down completely before recharging. Normal usage is
the best method of discharging and recharging the batteries.
Preparing Your Alligator Lopper
WARNING: Read and understand all instructions. Failure to
follow all instructions listed below may result in electric shock, fire
and/or serious personal injury
WARNING: Sharp moving blade. To prevent accidental
operation, ensure that the battery is disconnected from the tool
before performing the following operations. Failure to do this
could result in serious personal injury.
CAUTION: Sharp moving blade. Always wear protective
gloves when installing or removing the chain. The chain is sharp
and can cut you when it is not running.
Chain tension adjustment (fig.
WARNING: Before chain or other adjustments, make sure
that the battery is disconnected from the tool.
If the chain cannot be correctly tensioned, it may need to be
replaced. Contact your nearest service center.
The product comes ready assembled. However we recommend that
you check the tension of the chain, and chain retention bolts before
use and if required adjust.
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For Use
Checking and adjusting the chain tension (fig. E)
To tension the chain slacken the two chain cover retention bolts (11)
with the wrench (12) and the chain tensioning device will push the
chain bar out, setting the correct tension. Retighten the two
retention bolts (11) securely.
Check that the correct tension has been set by lightly pulling on the
chain. The tension is correct when the chain snaps back after being
pulled 1/8" inch (3 mm) away from the guide bar. There should be
no "sag" between the guide bar and chain on the underside.
Note: Do not over tension the chain as this will lead to excessive
wear and reduce the life of the bar and chain. It will also lead to
reduced product performance.
Note: With first use and when the chain is new, check tension
frequently as a new chain stretches slightly.
Replacing the chain and chain bar
After prolonged use the chain and / or chain bar may need
replacing. Use Black & Decker replacement chain RC600 only.
Low-Kickback saw chain is a chain which has met the kickback
performance requirements of ANSI B175.1 when tested on the
representative sample of chain saws.
Removing the saw chain & chain bar (figs. F&G)
WARNING: Before chain or other adjustments, make sure
that the battery is disconnected from the tool.
WARNING: Laceration hazard. Always wear protective gloves
when installing or removing the saw chain. The saw chain is sharp
and can cut you when it is not running.
WARNING: Burn hazard. The chain guide bar and chain may
become hot during use. Allow to cool before adjustment or removal.
- Place the tool on a firm surface.
- Rotate the two retention bolts (11) counter clockwise with wrench
(12) provided and remove completely.
- Remove the chain access cover (13).
- Open the handles and pull back the top chain cover jaw (1).
- Pull back chain bar (3) and then lift the saw chain (14) out of the
groove in the guide bar. The chain (14) can then be removed from
the unit.
- The chain bar can then be angled up.

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Table of Contents

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