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Operational Safety Guidelines - Motorola PMLN6393 Series User Manual

Single unit charger kit
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cord when disconnecting the charger. Take it to a qualified Motorola
service representative.
Do not disassemble the charger – it is not repairable and
replacement parts are not available. Disassembly of the charger may
result in risk of electric shock or fire.
To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug the charger from the AC
outlet before attempting any maintenance or cleaning.


Turn off the radio when charging the battery.
This equipment is not suitable for outdoor use. Use only in dry locations/
Connect equipment only to an appropriately fused and wired supply of the
correct voltage (as specified on the product).
Disconnect from line voltage by removing the power plug from the outlet.
The socket outlet that this equipment is connected should be close and
easily accessible.
In equipments using fuses, replacements must comply with the type and
rating specified in the equipment instructions.
Maximum ambient temperature around the charger must not exceed
40 °C (104 °F).
Output power from the power supply unit must not exceed the ratings
stated on the product label located on the bottom of the charger.
Make sure the cord is located where it will not be stepped on, tripped
over, or subjected to water, damage, or stress.


Table of Contents

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