How To Use - Black & Decker LIDS OFF JW260 Use And Care Book Manual

Jar opener
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Product may vary slightly from what is illustrated.
1. Release button
2. Handle
3. Upper body
4. Upper jaws
5. Turntable
6. Lower jar supports

How to Use

This appliance is for household use only.
This appliance is for use in opening regular and vacuum-style screw-top jars.
1. Plug the cord into a standard wall outlet.
Note: The electrical cord is located at the back of the unit. It should be
plugged into a standard wall outlet that is located close behind where the unit
is placed. Do not attempt to plug in by bringing the electrical cord through the
interior of the Jar Opener.
2. To open a jar, place one hand on the Jar Opener Handle, and with thumb,
push back the Release Button; the Upper Body of the Opener will release and
rise slightly.
3. Gently pull up the upper body of the opener until it
locks into place in the raised position (A).
4. Check to see if the Lower Jar Supports are in the
farthest open position. If they are not, place your hand
on the edge of the Turntable and turn to the left (B).
Place the jar in the center of the Turntable.
Note: We recommend removing the paper or plastic
neckbands from jars before placing on the Turntable
to be opened.
5. Gently lower upper body until it rests on top
of the jar (C).

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Table of Contents

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