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Unit Wiring; Installing The Network Convertor; Connecting The Transmission Cables - Fujitsu Airstage UTY-VTGX Installation Manual

Network convertor
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5. 2.

Unit wiring

5. 2. 1
Transmission and Remote controller cable
Transmission cable
Shielded cable
(no sheath)
Remote controller cable
For 2-wire type
25 mm (1 in)
25 mm (1 in)
35 mm (1-3/8 in)
Shielded cable
(no sheath)
Tighten the terminal screws to the specifi ed torques, otherwise,
abnormal overheating may be occurred and possibly cause heavy
damage inside the unit.
Tightening torque
M3 screw
(Transmission / X1, X2)
(Remote controller / Y1, Y2,
Y3, K1, K2, K3)
To peel the sheath from the lead cable, use a dedicated tool that
will not damage the conductor cable.
When installing a screw on the terminal block, do not cut the cable
by overtightening the screw. On the other hand, an under tightened
screw can cause faulty contact, which will lead to a communication
25 mm (1 in)
35 mm (1-3/8 in)
For 3-wire type
25 mm (1 in)
25 mm (1 in)
35 mm (1-3/8 in)
Shielded cable
(no sheath)
0.5 to 0.6 N·m
(4.4 to 5.3 lbf·in)
(5 to 6 kgf·cm)


Always use the accessories and specifi ed installation work parts.
Check the state of the installation parts. Not using the specifi ed parts
will cause units to fall off, electric shock, fi re, etc.
Install at a place that can withstand the weight of the unit and install
positively so that the unit will not topple or fall.
When installing this unit, make sure that there are no children nearby.
Otherwise, injury or electric shock could result.
Do not set the DIP switch or rotary switch of this unit except as speci-
fi ed in this installation manual or the instruction manual supplied with
the air conditioner. Setting the switches other than specifi ed will cause
an accident or trouble.
Use an insulated screwdriver to set the DIP switches.
Before opening the cover of this unit, completely discharge static elec-
tricity charged on your body. Otherwise, failure or malfunction could
Do not touch the circuit board and circuit board parts directly with your
Otherwise, injury or electric shock could result.
Tightening the mounting screws too tight will damage the body of this
Be careful so that the cover does not fall after the cover screws are
Otherwise, injury could result.
6. 1.

Connecting the transmission cables

(1) Turn off the power of the connecting unit.
(2) Insert a screwdriver, etc., into the hole (For open case) and open
the top cover.
(3) Connect the transmission cable and remote controller cable to their
respective terminal block properly.
(4) Securely tighten the cable tie and then confi rm that the cable will
not come out.
(5) Once the wiring of the cables is completed, snap in the 2 tabs on
the top cover and close the top cover.
2 claws
(6) Use the 3 screws (M4 × 16 mm) provided to mount the network con-
vertor to the behind ceiling, wall, fl oor or other suitable location.
* The hole for a cable can be widened as necessary. When passing the
thick cable through the hole, widen it.



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