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9. Avoid delay:
The delay-bake function cannot be used for Rapid Bake I and
II or the Dough setting. It is not recommended for Whole Grain, Quick Bread
or Preserves.
10. Test the water:
For most breads, use water that is 80° to 90°F (26,6 °C to
32,2 °C); for Rapid Bake breads, use water at 110°F to 120°F (43,3 °C to 48,8 °C).
11. Some note-worthy solutions:
If bread is:
• too brown - select a lighter crust.
• too light - select a darker crust and do not open the unit during the
baking cycle.
• too coarse - make sure you add salt.
• too heavy - use less flour (1 tsp. at a time).
• too low - use less flour or more yeast or water that is not too hot,
or check the date on your yeast.
• too high - try less yeast (1/4 tsp. at a time).
• collapses in the center - dough is too wet or flour is not strong enough,
or amount is too great for the unit.


• Unpack your unit and remove packing materials.
• Peel off clear protective film from control panel.
• Wash all parts as instructed in Care and Cleaning.
• Select a location for the unit. Make sure you have enough space above the unit
to open the lid.

Remove Baking Pan

• Using the lid handle, lift and open the lid (C).
• Grasp the sides of the bread pan and turn left ( ) to
unlock, then pull straight up on the handle to remove
the bread pan (D).
Tip: You can look at the back side of the oven chamber
for direction.

Attach Kneading Blade

• Align the flat side of the hole in the kneading blade
with the flat side of shaft (E).
• Gently push blade onto the shaft until securely in


Note: You can select one of the recipes and specific instructions provided on
pages14-21 (model B2200), 22-29 (model B2250) .

Adding Ingredients into Bread Pan

• To measure liquids, use a see-through measuring cup and check
measurement at eye level.
• When measuring dry ingredients, use standard dry measuring
cups or measuring spoons and level off with the straight-edge
of a knife or metal spatula.
• Add ingredients at room temperature.
• Add ingredients in order listed: liquid - then dry - then yeast (always last).
• Make small indentation with your finger in the top of
the dry ingredients and add the yeast to the indentation
(F). Do not let the yeast touch the liquid below.

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