Setting Baking Cycle - Black & Decker B000NJBYX0 Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker all-in-one automatic bread maker owner's manual
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High-Altitude Baking
In high-altitude areas (over 3,000 feet) dough tends to rise faster, as there is less
air pressure. Therefore, less yeast is necessary. For more information on High
Altitude Baking guides contact:
Colorado Cooperative Extension Resource Center
Toll free: (877) 692-9358
Website: www.ext.colostate/edu/depts/coopext
In dry climates, flour is drier and requires slightly more liquid.
In humid climates, flour is wetter and will absorb less liquid, so less liquid is
GettinG StARteD
• Remove all packing material, and any stickers from the product.
• Remove and save literature.
• Please go to to register your warranty.
• Your bread machine is partially assembled in the box.
• Take the appliance apart:
to Remove Baking Pan:
• Using the lid handle, lift and open the lid (B).
• Grasp the sides of the bread pan and pull straight up to
remove (c).
• Wash all removable parts as instructed in CARE AND
ClEANING section of this manual. This will remove any
traces of dust or residue left from manufacturing and
• Place on a dry level counter. Make sure you have enough
space above the unit to open the lid.
AttAcHinG tHe KneADinG PADDleS
• Align the flat side of the hole in each kneading paddle
with the flat side of the shaft (D).
• Push the paddle down firmly onto the shaft to secure in
note: You can select one of the recipes and specific
instructions provided on pages 20 –35.
ADDinG inGReDientS intO BReAD PAn
• Add ingredients in order listed: liquid, then dry, then yeast (always add
• To measure liquids, use a see-through standard measuring cup and check
measurement at eye level or use an angled measuring cup.
• When measuring dry ingredients, use standard dry measuring cups or
measuring spoons and level off with the straight-edge of a knife or metal
• Use room temperature ingredients.
• Make small indentation with the back of a spoon or
your finger in the top of the dry ingredients and add
the yeast to the indentation (e). Do not let the yeast
touch the liquid below. This is especially important
when baking cycle has a delayed start.
SettinG YOuR BAKinG cYcle
1. insert Bread Pan
• Insert bread pan into the unit and push down firmly until it is securely in
• Close the lid and plug the unit into an electrical outlet. The unit beeps and
program setting 1 (White) displays as the default setting.
2. Select Settings (F)
1.5lbs 2. lbs
• Press the crust color button to select desired crust (light, Medium or Dark)
(F). We recommend selecting the light setting the first time you bake
bread. The arrow on the screen moves to each selection every time you
press the key.
• Press the loaf size button to select the desired loaf size (1.5-lb, 2-lb.
or 3-lb.) (F).
3. Kneading/Baking cycle
• Press the I/o button (F). The power indicator light will come on to show
the appliance is running. There is a 30-minute delay for Whole Wheat.
The glass window lets you watch the process of the bread as it is mixed,
kneaded and baked.
important: Do not open the lid during the rising and baking process.
• Press MENU to select the appropriate
program setting according to recipe
instructions (F1).
note: If you make a mistake in your
selection, you will have to go through the
remaining program settings then start
over to select the correct setting.

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Table of Contents

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