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Black & decker all-in-one automatic bread maker owner's manual
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11. choosing crust color: The first time bread is baked, select the light setting.
If you like a darker crust, make a note and select a darker crust for future
breads on that cycle.
12. There is a 30-minute delay on the whole wheat program.
13. Some noteworthy solutions:
If bread is:
too brown – select a lighter crust.
too light – select a darker crust and do not open the unit during
the baking cycle.
too coarse – make sure you add salt.
too heavy – use less flour (1 tsp. at a time).
too low – use less flour or more yeast or water that is not too hot,
or check the date on your yeast.
too high – try less yeast (¼ tsp. at a time).
collapses in the center – dough is too wet or flour is not strong enough,
or amount is too great for the unit.


note: If at any time during bread making process you need to turn bread maker
off, press and hold the MENU button for approximately 5 seconds, then unplug
the unit.
note: If bread is not removed immediately after baking and SToP button is not
pressed, a controlled 60-minute Keep Warm cycle will begin (except during Quick
Breads, Doughs and Jam). For best results, remove bread immediately after
baking process is complete.
White Bread
Used for breads that primarily include white bread flour, although some recipes
may include smaller amounts of whole wheat flour.
Whole Wheat Bread
Used for recipes with significant amounts of whole wheat or rye flour, oats, or
bran. Whole wheat course begins with rest period during which flours or grains
absorb liquid ingredients. Soaking causes flour or grain to soften and helps
ingredients to combine. Generally, whole wheat and multi-grain breads are
shorter and denser than white, French or sweet.
French Bread
Traditionally, French bread has crispier crust and lighter texture than white
bread. Recipes usually do not include butter, margarine or milk.
Used for recipes that contain eggs, fruit juice, additional sugar or added sweet
ingredients such as coconut flakes, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate. Baking
temperature is reduced to prevent burning.
low carb Bread
Used for recipes that are lower in carbohydrates.
Gluten Free Bread
Used for gluten free recipes.
quick Bread
Used for recipes that contain baking powder or baking soda, rather than
yeast, to make bread or cake rise. Cake recipes made from scratch must be
specially designed for this course. Use this course to prepare prepackaged
cake and quick bread mixes.
Add fruit, sugar and lemon juice for homemade jam – a great topping for
homemade bread, waffles and ice cream.
Use to prepare dough for making bread or rolls which are shaped and allowed
to rise before baking in a conventional oven. This program blends and kneads
the dough and takes it through the first rise.
Rapid White
Used for White breads to decrease time by approximately 1 hour. These
breads will usually use more yeast than regular white bread recipes Bread
may be shorter and denser.
Bake Only
Used if crust is too light or you wish to bake pre-made dough. Especially
useful if your bread, sweet bread or cake is not quite done. Check every few
minutes. Bakes for up to 1 hour.

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Table of Contents

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