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Maintenance And Storage - Black & Decker BV2200 Instruction Manual

Black & decker blower vac instruction manual
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pile and vac/mulch at a later time when the cuttings etc.
have had a chance to dry.
Do not attempt to vac excessive soil as this also can
have a clogging effect.
Do not attempt to vac solid / hard objects like stones /
pebbles as this can damage the impeller, the plastic
housing and also the debris bag. Damage to these
components where solid objects have passed through the
product will not be covered under warranty.
The BV2200 is a garden vac, mulcher and blower. It is not
a garbage recycling tool. The tool should only be used for
garden clippings, leaves etc..(Fig. 12)
The debris bag has a capacity of approximately 35 litres.
Depending on the material being mulched the filling bag
can cause the blower/vac to become very heavy to
operate. The bag can be emptied at any stage, but is
suggested it be emptied as soon as you, the operator,
become uncomfortable with the weight. To maintain
performance the bag can be emptied when it is half full.
NOTE: The performance of the vacuum operation will
deteriorate as the bag becomes full.
IMPORTANT: The Blower/Vac should only be used with
the selector lever in the full vacuum or full blow position.
The product should not be used with the selector lever
anywhere Between these two settings.
To Select "Blow" Mode (Fig. 13)
Move the selector lever on the left hand side of the tool
fully to the marking
pointing in a safe direction, turn on the blower as
described above in the section, "To turn the blower vac
To Select Vac Mode (Fig. 14)
Move the selector lever on the left hand side of the tool
fully to the
Ensure the debris bag is attached to the power head.
Never use the Blower vac in the Vac position without the
debris bag connected as this can be very dangerous due
to debris being discharged through the outlet spigot.
To Empty the Debris bag
• Unzip the rear of the debris bag.
• Empty out mulched contents.
• It is not necessary to remove the debris bag from the
blower/vac to perform this operation.


• Prior to storing your Blower/Vac after use, check to
ensure the product is not clogged with dirt or debris and
that the selector lever is operating smoothly. It is
suggested to remove the power head and remove any
dirt or debris out of the power head. Operation of the
selector lever with the blow tube removed will assist any
dirt or debris caught in the power head tube to fall free.
To Remove Power head (Fig. 15)
. With the outlet of the blower