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Black & Decker BV2200 Instruction Manual page 20

Black & decker blower vac instruction manual
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It is strongly recommended that safety glasses are worn, a
dust mask in dusty conditions is worn, loose hair is well
tied back and hearing protection is worn.
Note: To remove debris bag push release tag (Fig.6)
To Turn the Blower Vac On (Fig.8)
• Check the "On / Off" switch is in the Off position
• Plug the cord of the blower vac into an approved
electrical extension cord and turn on the supply.
• With the output nozzle of the blower vac directed away
from any other persons or dangerous conditions, slide the
On /Off switch forward fully and the blower vac will start.
• The blower vac will remain running without having to
maintain forward pressure on the switch.
• The letter "I" can be observed on the rear of the slide
switch when the switch is in the On position.
To Turn the Blower Vac Off (Fig. 9)
• To turn the Blower Vac Off, slide the On / Off switch
towards the back of the blower and the Blower Vac will
• The letter "O" can be observed in the front of the switch
when the switch is in the off position.
• After the switch has been placed in the Off position, do
not leave the appliance unattended until the mains plug
has been disconnected from the appliance.
Variable Speed (Fig.10)
Turn the thumb wheel to increase or decrease the motor
speed as required (Fig.10)
Note: The thumb wheel clicks into full speed "MAX"
position. The motor speed varies from approx. 10,000 to
14,000 RPM.
Extension Cord Restraint (Fig. 11)
• An extension cord restraint is incorporated into the rear
of the Power Head.
• The cord restraint supports the mains extension cable
and prevents the accidental disconnection of the
appliance during use should the extension cable be
• To fix the extension cable, form a tight loop in the exten-
sion cable and insert into the cord restraint as shown.
Shoulder Strap
A shoulder strap is supplied for your convenience. The
shoulder strap clips to the power head at an attachment
point just in front of the power head tube release/lock knob
(See Fig.2). If you elect to use the shoulder strap ensure it
is secured to the attachment point prior to turning the
blower/vac on.
Recommendations for Use (Fig. 12)
The Vacuuming of wet leaves etc. is not recommended
nor is the vacuuming of freshly pruned or cut garden
cuttings which are high in moisture. These can have a
tendency to clog the Blower Vac. In these conditions it is
advised to select the blow feature of the blower vac and
blow the material into a single