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Black & Decker BV2200 Instruction Manual page 19

Black & decker blower vac instruction manual
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• Use your product only in daylight or good artificial light
switched on in either blow or vacuum mode
• Always be sure of your footing, particularly on slopes.
• Do not pick up matter that may be contaminated with
flammable or combustible liquids such as petrol, or use in
areas where they might be present.
• Do not place any objects into the openings. Never use if
the openings are blocked - keep free of hair, lint, dust and
anything that may reduce the airflow.
Warning! Always use your product in the manner
outlined in this instruction manual. Your product is
designed to be used in an upright mode and if it is used in
any other way it may result in injury. Never run your
product whilst it is lying on its side or upside down.
The BV2200 Blower/Vac only requires the blower vac
tube and the debris bag to be fitted to the power head
before it can be used for the first time.
Blower Vac Tube (Fig. 3 & 4)
To fit the Blower Vac Tube to the power head assembly.
Line up the Blower/Vac tube with the power head tube
and insert the lower tube into the power head tube fully so
there is no gap between the edge of the power head and
the trim on the Blower/Vac tube.
Note: The tube is not designed to be removed once it is
assembled to the power head tube.
To Fit the Debris Bag (Fig. 5 & 6)
The debris bag is attached to the Blower/Vac via a large
handle fitted over the outlet spigot of the power head and
also via a strap, connecting to the front underside of the
Blower/Vac tube. To fit the debris bag, orientate the bag
as per the diagram (Fig.5), insert the large handle and
bag onto the outlet spigot.
After fully inserting the handle onto the outlet spigot,
rotate the bag fitting upwards until the fitting locks into
place. Push the handle forward to engaged fully.
Prior to turning the blower vac on ensure the following:
• Please take the time to read and understand the instruc-
tion manual
• You are wearing suitable clothing and safety equipment.
(Safety Glasses or Face Shield / Ear protection)
• You are aware of other people in the area where you will
be working.
• The debris bag is correctly secured to the outlet of the
Power Head and the blow/vac tube is locked in position.