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accumulates rust and scale in the wa-
ter jacket and radiator. This will clog
up the coolant passages, and con-
siderably reduce the efficiency of the
cooling system.
Coolant containing corrosion in-
hibitors for aluminum engines
and radiators include harm-
ful chemicals for human body.
Drinking coolant can result in
serious injury or death.
coolant in accordance with the
instructions of the manufacturer.
Soft or distilled water must be used
with the antifreeze (see below for an-
tifreeze) in the cooling system.
If hard water is used in the sys-
tem, it causes scale accumula-
tion in the water passages, and
considerably reduces the effi-
ciency of the cooling system.
If the lowest ambient temperature en-
countered falls below the freezing point
of water, use permanent antifreeze in
the coolant to protect the cooling sys-
tem against engine and radiator freeze
-up, as well as from rust and corrosion.
Use a permanent type of antifreeze
(soft water and ethylene glycol plus cor-
rosion and rust inhibitor chemicals for
aluminum engines and radiators) in the
cooling system. On the mixture ratio
of coolant, choose the suitable one re-
ferring to the relation between freezing
point and strength directed on the con-


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