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Parts Identification - Black & Decker SB22 Instruction Manual

Black & decker slender blender instruction manual
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Your SB22 Slender Blender Features
• 500ml measuring jug ideal for everyday use
• 2 Speed Pulse Switch gives better operational control
• Soft rubber Pulse Switch offers ease of use
• Stainless steel multifunctional blade ensures high efficiency and easy cleaning
• Wall bracket (accessory) provides for convenient storage
How to use your SB22 Slender Blender
Your SB22 Slender Blender has been designed for blending, mixing, and chopping
food and beverage ingredients. This product is intended for household use only.
Before first use, wipe off the handle with a damp cloth. Wash the shaft and stainless
steel blade in a warm sudsy of water, be careful not to submerge the body above
the shaft. Dry thoroughly.
Plug the power cord into electricity supply. Please ensure that electricity ratings of
your power point match that of SB22. Place the ingredients into the measuring jug
or a suitable container. Use the low speed setting for stirring and mixing, the high
speed setting for chopping. Using a stabbing motion, push the blades into the
ingredients until the correct consistency is reached.
When blending liquids or fluid ingredients, use short pulses to prevent spillages.
Keeping the blades submerged will help to prevent spillage. Take extra care when
blending hot ingredients.
Do not operate the appliance continuously for more than 1 minute. After operating
the appliance continuously for 1 minute, let it cool down for at least 5 minutes before
operating it again.

Parts Identification

1. Low speed button
2. High speed button
3. Cutting blade
4. Wall bracket
5. Measuring jug
6. Power Cord



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