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Ducati Multistrada 950S 2019 Owner's Manual Page 238

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In case of Battery-Off, upon the following
Battery-On / Key-On, the Dashboard sets this
function by default to "OFF".
This means that if heated handgrips are
enabled and engine stops, the heating is
"temporarily" disabled but the ON indication is still
active. Heating will automatically turn on when
engine is started again.
In order to preserve battery charge, when
engine is idling (below 2,000 RPM), heated
handgrips heating corresponds to "LOW" level even
if actually set to "MED" or "HIGH". As soon as engine
rpm increase (>2,000 RPM) heating will correspond
to the actual setting ("MED" or "HIGH").
Handgrip heating requires a high current draw
which, at low engine rpm, might result in the battery
getting soon flat. If the battery is not fully charged
(voltage below 13.2 V) handgrip heating is disabled to
ensure engine start-up ability; it will automatically
activate again when battery voltage is above the
specified value.
If there is an error in the heated handgrips and
the air temperature sensor is in fault, button (12) will
not work and the instrument panel will turn on the
"Generic Error" warning light, and turn off the
heated handgrip warning light.
In case of heated handgrip fault, the
instrument panel turns on the "Generic Error" light


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