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Motorola Sr600 Installation Manual page 6

In-car video camera and windshield mount camera base
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6. Installing the Sr600 In-Car Video Camera
6.6 Ensure that the camera is longitudinally aligned with the
6.7 Ensure that the lens is as horizontal as possible. Using a
small level is recommended. Please note that the video may be
distorted if the camera is not installed with the lens as level as
6. Installing the Sr600 In-Car Video Camera
6.9 Tighten the Latch screw, with the screw provided with a
.050" Allen wrench to lock the camera in place (optional).
Use Part 08-04-02-540LF, Latch Locking Screw.
6.8 Once the camera is at the proper level, tighten the collar
using the provided screw and a .050" Allen wrench to securely
lock it in place. Note: There are three different holes for this
locking screw, so use the one that's most convenient.
Use Part 08-04-02-538LF, Collar Locking Screw.
7. Congratulations
7.0 Congratulations. The camera should now be fully functional
and ready for use.
8. Installation Notes
8.1 Powering the camera: The camera and base should be
powered from the vehicle using the included wire harness.
The red wires connect to the vehicle's battery, the black and
brown wires connect to the vehicle's ground and the orange
wire connects to the vehicle's ignition line. When installed
this way the camera will draw about 110 ma from the vehicle
battery when the camera is on, fully charged and the
vehicle's ignition is off. The camera will draw an additional
100 ma if the camera is in Wi-Fi coverage and it is
uploading video to CommandCentral Vault.
Note: As long as there is power supplied to the camera base
the camera cannot be turned off permanently. If the camera
is turned off while the battery voltage is applied to it, the
camera will turn back on automatically.
8.2 Installations to the rear of the vehicle: In some cases the
required triggers are only available in the rear of the vehicle.
In this case additional wire (not supplied) may be required to
connect the trigger lines on the Sr600 cable kit to the
required triggers in the vehicle. Multi-conductor wire of at
least 22 gauge may be used to make these connections.
The additional wire may be connected to the Sr600 cable
using appropriate automotive grade connectors.
8.3 Trigger Levels: The Sr600 In-Car Video Camera
operates with a 47K pull up resistor to the Battery voltage.
Some siren and lights systems provide power to the
siren/lights through a siren/lights controller that provides
battery voltage to the sirens/lights. Some of these
installations do not provide a sufficient ground voltage for
the Sr600 to detect when the siren/lights are switched off. In
this case a relay or equivalent device must be used to
provide the required ground level. Any appropriate relay
may be used for this. One example is the GOOACC 6 back
automotive relay harness set 5-Pin 30/40A 12 SPDT relay.
When using a relay connect the coil connections between
the trigger signal and ground. Connect the normally open
connection between the camera input and ground. This will
provide a ground voltage when the siren/lights are activated.
8.4 Floating inputs: In general, do not set up triggers on the
I/O lines and then leave the lines floating or not connected.
If you have configured trigger activation as high and then do
not connect the line the camera will start recording on power
up due the the line being pulled high by the camera's
internal pull up resistors.
8.5 Timed relay: In some installations there may be a timed
relay on the battery line where the battery power is shut off
to the camera after some period of time once the vehicle
ignition is turned off. In this case the camera will remain on
using the internal battery until the camera battery reaches
15% capacity at which point the camera will power off.
When the vehicle is started and power is restored to the
camera the camera will power back on automatically
however it may display a low battery LED indication for a
short time while the camera charges from the vehicle. Pre-
record (if enabled) and record (if triggered) are available
during this time.
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