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Motorola Sr600 Installation Manual page 3

In-car video camera and windshield mount camera base
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3. Sr600 In-Car Video Camera and Base Connector Interface
3.1 Windshield mount camera base - 16-PIN Automotive
Connector + USB Connectors for future use.
NOTE: USB Connectors on the base unit are NOT for Charging
the device.
USB Connectors
For Future Use
4. Sr600 In-Car Video Camera and Base Installation
4.2 How the Sr600 In-Car Video Camera and the mounting
pieces come together.
Left Button
Right Button
3.2 Sr600 In-Car Video Camera - 6-PIN Interface Connector +
USB Connector
16-PIN Automotive
USB Connector
For Charging
Note: To reset camera use a thin blunt object and press lightly
until camera vibrates.
4.3 Select an area on the vehicle windshield that allows a clear
line of sight to both the front of the vehicle and the inside of the
RAM Mount
Screw Collar
Windshield Mount
Camera Base
Sr600 In-Car
Video Camera
4. Sr600 Camera and Base Installation
4.1 Peel off one side of adhesive disc (either side). Carefully
align the edge of adhesive disc with the edge of the RAM
Mount disc. Slowly guide the edging of the adhesive around to
properly adhere evenly onto the mount. Press firm for one
6-PIN Interface
Master Reset
4.4 Use the provided alcohol prep-pad to thoroughly clean the
windshield. Let surface dry after wiping clean.



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