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Motorola Sr600 Installation Manual page 2

In-car video camera and windshield mount camera base
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2. Configure Sr600 In-Car Video Camera for Use
2.3 After power up is completed the camera's LED sequence
should now be blinking red, green and blue:
2. Configure Sr600 In-Car Video Camera for Use
2.6 The Sr600 In-Car Video Camera is now ready for
connection to CommandCentral Admin which will complete the
2.4 Generate the QR code from CommandCentral Vault and
scan it with the Sr600 within five minutes. You must generate a
new QR code for each camera you are adding to
CommandCentral Vault. For best results make sure the
brightness of the display is set to 40% or less, very bright
displays will hamper the reading of the QR code. To read the
QR code point the camera directly at the QR code about 8-12
inches from the computer screen. Make sure that you keep the
camera as steady as possible while the camera is reading the
QR code. When the camera successfully reads the QR code it
will vibrate and blink orange. Slight adjustments to the position
of the camera in front of the screen are usually all that is
required to achieve a scan. In some case, further reduction in
the display brightness may be required to read the QR code.
Note: The camera's LED sequence will blink red and yellow if
QR scan mode times out. Power cycle the camera to return to
QR scan mode.
2.7 During the Sr600 In-Car Video Camera's CommandCentral
Vault set-up, the LED will read solid green
Once all CommandCentral Vault interactions are complete, the
camera will power cycle.
Note: if the activation details (URL) in the QR code has been
previously used or has expired, the camera's LEDs will blink
red and green. Power cycle the camera and return to step 2.4.
2.5 Make sure the camera is in range of the Wi-Fi network
specified by CommandCentral Admin. Hold the camera still.
Once the camera has successfully read the QR code, its LED
sequence will begin blinking green and vibrate.
Note: If the Sr600 In-Car Video Camera fails to connect to the
network after a successful QR scan, the camera's LED's will
blink red. Power cycle and return to step 2.4.
2.8 After completing the power cycle, the camera's LED will
read green (if connected to WiFi)
or solid blue (if not connected to WiFi)
The camera is now ready to use.
Connected to Wi-Fi
Not Connected to Wi-Fi



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