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Siemens OpenAir GDE Series Technical Instructions page 8

Electric damper actuators, non-spring return rotary 24 vac - modulating control 0 to 10 vdc
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Technical Instructions
Document Number: 155-187P25
November 30, 2005
Dual in-line package
(DIP) switches
Page 8
Raise the protective cover from left to right to locate the DIP switches. See Figure 2 for
the location of the cover.
The factory setting is 0 (OFF).
self adapt
When mechanical angle of rotation is limited, the self-adapt switch
may be turned ON
new 0 to 100% for the actuator logic. In this case, 0 to 100% is not
equal to 90°
Figure 14.
The position output signal U is not influenced by the self-adapt
function. The 0 to 10V feedback signal U is always proportional to 0
to 90° (or 90 to 0°)
The factory setting is clockwise.
self adapt
The direction of rotation switch should match the damper rotation
Figure 15.
Direction of
Rotation Switch.
The factory setting is direct acting.
self adapt
As the clockwise angle of rotation increases, the output voltage
If the direction of rotation is counterclockwise, the output signal
switch should be set at reverse acting to match the direction of the
Figure 16.
rotation switch.
Output Signal
OpenAir Non-Spring Return Rotary Electric Damper Actuator
so that the limited range will become the
When turning the self-adaptive feature on or after a
software reset with the feature on, the actuator will
enter a five-minute calibration cycle as the actuator
adjusts to the rotation limits of the system. A software
reset happens after power on or may be caused by
electrostatic discharge (ESD) at levels of 2kV and
Feedback not available on terminal strip models.
24 Vac – Modulating Control
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.



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