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Siemens OpenAir GDE Series Technical Instructions page 4

Electric damper actuators, non-spring return rotary 24 vac - modulating control 0 to 10 vdc
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Technical Instructions
Document Number: 155-187P25
November 30, 2005
Page 4
The auxiliary switches cannot be added in the field. Order the product number that
includes this option. See Table 1.
Figure 2. Conduit adapter.
Figure 3. Rotary to linear.
Figure 4. Rotary to linear with bracket.
Figure 5. Tandem Mount Bracket.
Figure 6. Shaft insert.
Figure 7. 1/2-inch Shaft Guide.
OpenAir Non-Spring Return Rotary Electric Damper Actuator
ASK76.1U Provides connection
between the actuator and conduit.
ASK71.5 Allows a direct-coupled
actuator to provide an auxiliary linear
ASK71.6 Allows economical mounting
of an OpenAir actuator to a variety of
Should be used in applications where
the actuator can be rigid-surface
mounted and a linear stroke output is
ASK73.1 Bracket provides extended
anti-rotation pin allowing two OpenAir
actuators to directly drive a single
damper shaft. For use with two- and
three-position actuators.
ASK78.3U Shaft insert for use with 3/8-
inch (8 to 10 mm) diameter shafts.
(10/pk). Included in box with GDE/GLB
Factory-installed 1/2-inch
guide must be removed prior
to installation.
Shaft guide, 1/2-inch (25/pk). Factory
installed with GDE/GLB Series.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.
24 Vac – Modulating Control



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