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To Clear Programmed Commands - Sony RM-AV2500 Operating Instructions (primary manual) Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated remote commander
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• If you interrupt the procedure at any point
for over two minutes, the setting mode ends
and the series of commands will be
programmed to that point. In this case, clear
the program (page 25) and start again from
Step 1 to set the entire program from the
beginning. You cannot continue from where
you let off.
• If a SYSTEM CONTROL button has already
"learned" a remote control signal (page 35),
"NG" flashes and you cannot program on
this button. Clear the learned contents first
(page 36).
• If you change the component code number
(page 8) or program a new signal by learning
(page 15) on a key or button that has been
programmed in the series of commands of
the System Control function, the new signal
will be transmitted when you press the
corresponding SYSTEM CONTROL button.
• During Setting mode, you cannot clear any
operation step you have programmed. If you
have programmed an incorrect operation by
mistake, start again from Step 1.
• If you try to program more than 32 steps, the
System Control setting finishes, and the 32
steps you have programmed are registered. If
you want to program again, clear the
program (page 25) and start again from Step
Tips for programming the
System Control functions
The following information helps you to
program a consecutive operation steps.
About the interval between
operation steps
You can change the interval between operation
steps (page 29).
About the order of operation steps
• Some of the components may not accept
consecutive remote control signals. For
example, a TV generally does not react to
next signal right after the Power-on signal.
So, a series of commands such as TV Power-
on and input select may not work properly.
In this case, insert other signals like the
example below;
TV Power-on t VCR Power-on
t VCR play back t TV input select
• After the series of input commands is
executed, the Commander displays the
touch-keys of the component of the final step.
By programming an often-used component's
command as the final step, you can save the
step of pressing a Component Select button
when you start operating that component. (In
the example on page 24, the touch-keys of
VCR are displayed.)

To clear programmed commands

While pressing COMMANDER
OFF, press the MORE button.
and number keys (1 – 9) flash while
the preset buttons stay lit.

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