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When installing or removing, using the
Wall-Mount Bracket, be sure to use qualified
contractors. Wall mount installation requires
the use of a Wall-Mount Bracket. If not
properly secured during installation or
removal from the Wall-Mount Bracket, the
TV may fall and cause serious injury. Please
use a qualified contractor when installing or removing.
Placement for viewing
It is recommended to watch the TV at a distance of 3 - 7 times that of the
screen height, and in moderate brightness. Watching the TV for too long
or in a dark room may cause eye fatigue.
Optional wall mount
Observe the following when installing the TV using a
wall-mount bracket. If the TV is not secured properly, it
may fall and cause injury.
Be sure to follow the operating instructions
supplied with the wall-mount bracket when
installing the TV.
Be sure to attach the brackets supplied with the wall-mount bracket.
Do not hang the TV from the ceiling. It may fall and cause serious
Outdoor use
Do not install this TV outdoors. If the TV is exposed to
rain, it may result in a fire or an electric shock. If the TV
is exposed to direct sunlight, the TV may heat up and
cause damage to the TV.
Do not install this TV in a vehicle.
Bumping of the vehicle may cause the TV to fall down
and cause injury.
Ship and vessel
Do not install this TV in a ship or vessel. If the TV is
exposed to seawater, it may cause a fire or damage the
If you use this TV near the seashore, salt may corrode metal parts of the
TV and cause internal damage or fire.
It may also shorten the life of the TV.
Do not install this TV in restaurants where oily vapors occur. Dust
absorbing oil may enter and damage the TV.
Medical institution
Do not place this TV in a place where medical
equipment is in use.
It may cause a malfunction of medical instruments.
Preventing the TV from toppling over
Take measures to prevent the TV from toppling over and causing injury.
To prevent the TV from toppling over, secure the TV to a wall or pillar.
Installing on a level surface
If you install the TV on an inclined surface, the TV may
fall or drop and cause injury or damage.
Placing on a stable surface
If you place the TV on an unstable surface, the TV may
fall and cause injury or damage.
Do not hang anything on the TV.
The TV may fall from the stand or wall-mount, causing
damage or serious injury.
Do not use attachments not recommended by the
manufacturer, as they may cause hazards.


Adjust the volume so as not to trouble your neighbors. Sound carries
very easily at night. Therefore, closing the windows or using
headphones is suggested.
When using headphones, adjust the volume so as to avoid excessive
levels, as hearing damage may result.
Although the LCD screen is made with high-precision technology
and has effective pixels of 99.99% or more, black dots or bright
points of light (red, blue, or green) may appear constantly on the
LCD screen. This is a structural property of the LCD panel and is not
a malfunction.
Do not expose the LCD screen surface to direct sun light. Doing so
may damage the LCD panel.
Do not push or scratch the LCD screen, or place objects on top of the
TV. The image may be uneven or the LCD panel may be damaged.
If the TV is used in a cold place, a smear may occur in the picture or
the picture may become dark. This does not indicate a failure. These
phenomenon improve as the temperature rises.
Ghosting may occur when still pictures are displayed continuously.
It should disappear after a few moments.
The screen and cabinet get warm when the TV is in use. This is not
a malfunction.
Avoid spraying insect repellent with volatile material on the screen.
Avoid prolonged contact with rubber or plastic made material.
Broken pieces
Do not throw anything at the TV.
The screen glass may break by the impact and cause serious injury.
Handling of broken glass and liquid crystal
If the LCD panel gets damaged, crystalline liquid leakage may occur, or
scattered broken glass may result. Do not touch broken glass or crystalline
liquid (which is toxic), with bare hands as cuts or poisoning/skin irritation
may occur. Also, do not let glass fragments or leaked crystalline liquid get
into your eyes or mouth. Should either contact your eyes or mouth, rinse
the contacted area thoroughly with water and consult your doctor.


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