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Start Up; Pre Start-Up - LG RCWW-1 Operation & Maintenance Manual

Water-cooled screw r134a
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n Pre-start up
Check the following and then operate the chiller.
• Before operating the chiller, check the cold water, cooling water circulation pump, air handling equipment or
other supplementary facility such as other equipment. Refer to the direction of the manufacturer. If the device
is equipped with the components installed on site, install the equipment properly and accurately and check
whether the wire is connected accurately. Refer to the wiring diagram of the device.
• For proper operation of the product, check the flux switch. Check whether the Sensor is operating accurately.
• Open the compressor suction stop valve.
• Open the refrigerant line, oil line and economizer valve.
• For cooling, clean water (Add recommended restraint) or other non-corrosive liquid is filled into the cold water
circuit of the chiller. Take out all the air to higher location on the system. Air vent is installed on the evaporator.
When the outdoor temperature falls below 0°C and is expected to further drop, sufficiently restrained propy-
lene glycol or other appropriate anti-rust restrained anti-freeze liquid must be added to the cold water and
coolant circuit. Cold water and coolant water loop must be cleaned before the device is connected.
• Check all water pipes. Check whether the direction of the water flow is correct and whether the pipe is accu-
rately connected to the evaporator and condenser. Open all the flux valves that flow in the direction to con-
denser and evaporator.
• Turn ON the chilled water and coolant pump, and measure the water pressure reduced part of the condenser
and evaporator to check whether it is accurate or not.
• Check all electric connections from the Control Panel and check whether these are tightly assembled and
whether the contact condition is good. Though the connecting part is well tightened up, it could be loosened
up in case of a problem during the transportation.
• If the voltage is within 10% of the voltage required on the plate of the compressor, check the actual wire volt-
age for the device to check whether the phase voltage imbalance does not exceed the 5%. Check whether the
power and capacity is appropriate for load processing.
Decide the imbalance of the ratio voltage : The deviation between the maximum voltage deviation and aver-
age of all 3
mode is the maximum voltage deviation.
• Check the order of the power phase.
• Oil heater must be firmly installed on the oil tank side and the power must be supplied 24 hours prior to opera-
tion. Oil separator must be warm when was felt.
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Operation & Maintenance Manual



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