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Machine On/Off Control - LG RCWW-1 Operation & Maintenance Manual

Water-cooled screw r134a
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n Machine On/Off Control
There are hand mode and auto mode for powering ON/OFF the unit.
1. Hand mode- Hand mode is basic setting mode, and user can turn the unit ON and OFF by pushing
Start/Stop button of HMI for 3 seconds. Select [user setting], [Hand/Auto mode] and [Hand control] to set this
2. Auto mode – Auto mode is mode for controlling machine powering ON/OFF by setting Start and Stop time.
Select [user setting], [Hand/Auto mode] and [Auto control] to set this mode. Basic ON/OFF time is set as
[Start-8:00/Stop-17:00]. For changing operating time for Auto control, select [Function setting] on Main menu.
Input operation period in the second screen. Next, input operation time of chiller from Monday to Sunday in
detail. Select [User setting] for returning to Main Menu. If user selects [Auto control] in [User setting] mode,
chiller would be operated following the ranged schedule for set period.
Chiller Water-cooled Screw
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Table of Contents

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