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Motion Control 1 - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-R RD78G4 User Manual

Motion module.
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Motion control 1

Start and stop
Retrigger/continuous update
Multiple start (buffer mode)
Forced stop
Homing request
Driver homing method
Data set homing method
Operation setting for incompletion
of homing
Axis control function
Single axis positioning control
Single axis speed control
Single axis manual control
Multiple axes positioning control
Direct control
Velocity control
Torque control
Functions related to
Current position change function
Command in-position
Software stroke limit
Hardware stroke limit
Functions related to
processing function
Speed limit
Override function
Functions related to
Torque limit
Torque limit value change function
Sub functions of
Command filter
Input variable change in execution
Common functions
External signal selection
Touch probe
Slave emulate
3.1 Control Functions
Starts motion control.
Changes the control of the on-going FB with a retrigger/continuous update.
Multiple motion control FBs execute continuously without stopping by executing the motion FB of
another instance to the axis and the axes group that are executing MCFB.
Stops motion cotrol.
Stops axes by the forced stop signal.
Establishes the start point for carrying out positioning control (home position), and carries out
positioning toward that start point. This is used to return a machine system, located at a position
other than the home position when the Motion module requires "homing request" such as when the
power is turned ON or after positioning stop, to the home position.
Selects whether the axis starts or not, when the homing request is TRUE.
Executes positioning to the specified position by using address information.
Executes the speed control for the specified axis with the specified speed.
Executes the random positioning operation by inputting a signal from an external device.
The following method is available.
• JOG operation: the machine is moved by only an movement amount.
Uses address information and executes positioning to the specified position using interpolation
The driver control mode is switched to csv, and the control excluding the position loop is executed.
The driver control mode is switched to cst, and the control is carried out.
Changes the set position to an arbitrary address.
Checks the remaining distance to the target position, and turns the command in-position flag to
An address is set as the movable range. Even if a movement command to the address outside the
setting range is issued, the command will not be executed.
Limit switches are set at the upper/lower limit of the physical movable range, and the control is
stopped by the input of a signal from the limit switch.
Adjusts the acceleration/deceleration of each motion control to the acceleration/deceleration curve
suitable for device.
Limits the command speed to a value within the speed limit value setting range when the command
speed during control exceeds the speed limit value.
Changes the speed during control.
Limits the generated torque to a value within the torque limit value range when the torque
generated in the servomotor exceeds the torque limit value.
Changes the torque limit value during control.
Driver unit
Converts the cumulative current position to the driver command value and pass it to the target
position (Target Position). Also, it converts the current position of the driver and calculates the
actual position.
Smoothing filter
Uses to suppress load-side vibration, such as work-side vibration and base shake.
Changes input variables during control.
Sets I/O signals to be used in various control.
Records (latches) arbitrary data at trigger input signal detection.
Carries out axis control on the real axis without connecting the slave station.


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