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Chapter 3 Function List; Control Functions; Basic Specifications - Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC iQ-R RD78G4 User Manual

Motion module
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There are restrictions in the function that can be used by the software of the Motion module and the version of engineering
tool. Refer to the following for details.
MELSEC iQ-R Motion Module User's Manual (Application)

Control Functions

The Motion module has several functions. Refer to the following for details on each function.
MELSEC iQ-R Motion Module User's Manual (Application)

Basic specifications

Axis control function
Technical units
Servo ON/OFF
Follow up
Absolute position control
Basic functions
Operation cycle
Add-on function
System memory settings
Software reboot
The position command unit and the velocity command unit used in the motion control can be set.
Since the unit can be specified freely depending on the control target, intuitive programming and
monitoring are available.
This function executes servo ON/OFF of the real axis connected to the Motion module. The servo
ON enables the operation of the real axis.
In an axis which has the current position (Position actual value) as the slave object, this function
can convert the unit of the current position by the driver unit conversion numerator/denominator
(electronic gear) and reflect in the set position.
Restores the current position of an axis.
In the Motion module, operation processing related to the motion control is performed in the fixed
cycle (operation cycle).
The Motion module functions can be expanded by installing add-on libraries.
Sets the memory size used in the add-on library in the system memory (RAM) and the system
memory (backup RAM).
The software reboot (reset the system) is executed by writing the reboot command to the control
command. When "Clear" is specified at the software reboot command, the system restarts and all
data of the system is deleted.
3.1 Control Functions



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