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Carriage System - Canon W6400 Series Service Manual

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2.5.3 Carriage system

Registration sensor
The photo reflection-based registration sensor detects media skewing, media width, and media misalignment. The sensor detects the edges by monitoring
the change in voltage with respect to changes in the reflection density from the media.
Since the sensor light uses infrared light, light emission cannot be confirmed visually.
Carriage cover sensor
The photo interrupter-based carriage cover sensor detects opening and closing of the carriage cover.
When the carriage cover is closed, the sensor light is cut off by the sensor arm, and this notifies the sensor that the carriage cover is closed.
Carriage homeposition / head height sensor
The photo interrupter-based carriage home position/head height sensor detects the carriage home position and printhead height (3 positions).
The sensor, located on the right-side plate, detects the sensor flag (integrated with the printhead height and adjustment lever) on the carriage unit by
controlling the movement of the carriage.
The carriage home position is defined based on the location where the sensor flag is detected.
Linear encoder
The linear encoder, installed on the rear of the carriage, detects the position of the carriage using the slits on the linear scale while the carriage is moving.
Environment temperature sensor
The environment temperature sensor (thermistor) installed on the head relay PCB detects the environment temperature in the vicinity of the carriage.
The resistance measured by the thermistor, which varies as the temperature inside the printer changes, is sent to the engine controller after passing through
the carriage relay PCB.
The environment temperature is used to calibrate the head temperature sensor and to detect abnormal internal printer temperatures.
Head temperature sensor
A set of two diode head temperature sensors are installed at the top and bottom of the nozzle arrays of printhead to detect the temperature of the printhead.
The voltage produced by each diode, which varies as the temperature near the nozzle array changes, is sent to the engine controller after passing through
Head relay PCB
Linear scale
Sensor cover
Linear encoder
Carriage cover sensor
Carriage HP / head
height sensor
Photo-reflective sensor unit
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