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Structure Of Purge Unit - Canon W6400 Series Service Manual

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Chapter 2
Printer Status
When "Head
Cleaning" menu is
When "Replace
P.head" menu is
When "Move
Printer" menu is
When "Change Bk
Ink Type" menu is
*1: Ink consumption amount for each nozzle array.
*2: If the power is not turned on within 360 hours, perform cleaning 2 because the unattended timer stops.
*3: When the power button was not pressed and capping could not be performed, such as during a power outage or when the power cable is unplugged.
c) Ink supply
The suction pump of the purge unit operates in coordination with the ink supply valve to deliver the ink in the ink tank to the printhead during the initial
refilling and ink level adjustment. Structure of purge unit

a) Caps
The caps are used to cap the nozzle arrays on the printhead during the capping and cleaning operations. The rubber section of the cap touches the face plate
of the nozzle array. Each printhead (six nozzle arrays) installed in the carriage has two caps.
The caps are activated during the capping operation and are used to protect the nozzle arrays. The caps are raised by the cap cams operated by the purge
motor to cover the arrays when the carriage has moved to the homeposition.
Capping is also performed during the cleaning operation, and the suction pump is then used to remove ink from the printhead.
Manual cleaning (Head Cleaning
Manual cleaning (Head Cleaning
After printhead replacement
When Move Printer is selected
from the Main Menu
After power ON at secondary
When Ink Change Menu is selected
(before ink replacement)
When Ink Change Menu is selected
(after ink replacement)
Purge unit
Cleaning Description
Cleaning 1 (normal cleaning)
Cleaning 6 (normal (strong)
Cleaning 2 (ink level adjustment
cleaning) + Cleaning 4 (ink extraction
during head replacement)
Cleaning 5 (ink extraction during
secondary transport)
Cleaning 10 (ink filling after
secondary transport)
Cleaning 11 (sub-buffer ink
Cleaning 12 (ink change)
Approx. 1g
Approx. 6g
Bk approx 24g
MBk approx 18g
Approx. 30g
Approx. 37 to 43g
Approx. 5g
Approx. 30g


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