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Precautions When Servicing Printer; Stored Data; Firmware Confirmation; Precautions Against Static Electricity - Canon W6400 Series Service Manual

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4. Refilling the ink
After removing the ink in the printer according to the automatic or manual ink draining procedure to disassemble, reassemble, or transport/ship the printer,
refill the ink as soon as possible upon completion of those tasks.
If the ink remaining in the printer after the removal has dried up, the ink deposits on the surfaces of the components may cause damage or abnormal

1.7.3 Precautions When Servicing Printer Stored Data

This printer counts the printing length, number of ink tank replacements, carriage driving time, number of cleanings, and the cutter usage, and stores this
information in the system controller EEPROM (IC10) and in the engine controller EEPROM (IC704) as the service mode counter.
The counter holds important information for indicating printer usage status.
You can check the printer information in the counter by printing it in service mode or displaying it on the display.
Be sure to follow the precautions below when servicing the printer.
1) Repairing or replacing the PCB
Follow the "Each Controller Replacement Procedures" when replacing the system controller and engine controller.
For the "Each Controller Replacement Procedures," see Disassembly/Reassembly > Points to Note on Disassembly and Reassembly > Boards.
2) After replacing the carriage unit
The information on the carriage driving time is generated from the carriage unit.
Initialize (clear) the carriage driving time information after replacing the carriage unit.
3) After replacing the purge unit
The information on the number of cleanings is generated from the purge unit. Initialize (clear) the number of cleanings information after replacing the
purge unit.
You cannot check the counter information once it is initialized (cleared).
Be careful that you do not perform the initialization before checking the information.
Also, you cannot modify the counter information from the operation panel. Firmware Confirmation

Firmware has been downloaded to each of a System Controller and Engine Controller.
When replacing each board with the one with Service Parts, confirm that each firmware is the latest version. If it is not the latest version, please update it
to the latest version.
For how to upgrade each board, please refer to TROUBLESHOOTING > Version Up. Precautions Against Static Electricity

Certain clothing may generate static electricity, causing an electrical charge to build up on your body. Such a charge can damage electrical devices.
To prevent this, discharge any static buildup by touching a grounded metal fitting before you start disassembling the printer. Precautions for Disassembly/Reassembly

The precautions for disassembly/Reassembly are described in DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY. Self-Diagnostic Feature

The printer has a diagnostic feature which analyzes printer problems (which may occur).
The diagnostic results will be displayed on the display and indicated by a light.
For detailed information, see ERROR CODE. Disposing of Lithium Battery

Dispose of the lithium battery according to local regulations.
This printer has a lithium battery mounted on the engine controller. The lithium battery is not replaceable.
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