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Printing Problems (ink Is Not Full); Other Printing Problems; Troubleshooting When Warnings Occur; Ink Check (w01000/ W01001/ W01002/ W01003/ W01004/ W01005) - Canon W6400 Series Service Manual

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Chapter 6
2. Computer
Install the printer drivers to a computer, and connect to the printer. If the print data can be sent normally, instruct the customer to replace his computer.
3. If you are using an expansion interface board, replace the expansion interface board (network board or IEEE1394 board).
4. Replace the system controller.
Step 2 remedy
1. Dirty carriage rail
Use rail cleaner to clean the carriage rails if a visual check reveals that they are dirty or other abnormalities.
2. Head tilt lever
Check if changing the position of the head tilt lever fixes the problem.
3. Purge unit
Perform a visual check, and remove any foreign objects adhering to the caps and wipers.
4. Print adjustment check
Execute [Adjust Printer] > [Printhead Adj.] > [Advanced Adj.] and adjust the shift between nozzle arrays.
5. Printhead
Execute head cleaning, and replace the printhead if the result is not improved.
6. Linear scale
Clean the linear scale if it is dirty. Replace it if this does not solve the problem.
7. Replace the carriage unit.
8. Replace the carriage relay PCB.
9. Replace the engine controller.
10. Replace the system controller. Printing problems (ink is not full)

<Condition example>
- No printing can be performed.
- A specific ink is not printed.
- Ink is not filled to the ink tube for the printhead lock lever.
- Ink is not filled to the ink tube before the ink tank unit.
Faulty ink tank, faulty printhead, faulty purge unit, faulty valve motor unit, faulty ink tank unit, faulty ink tube unit, faulty engine controller, faulty system
1. Visual check
Remove the ink tube if it is bent or otherwise not functioning normally.
2. Ink tank
Remount the ink tank.
3. Ink supply valve
Refer to DISASSEMBLY/REASSEMBLY > Points to Note on Disassembly and Reassembly > Ink tank unit, and check the ink supply valve.
4. Ink filling
Check if there is any ink inside the ink tube, and then remove the printhead and ink tanks, and turn on the power. Then, follow the messages to install the
printhead and ink tanks and fill the ink.
5. Replace the printhead.
6. Replace the purge unit.
7. Replace the valve motor unit.
8. Replace the ink tank unit.
9. Replace the ink tube unit.
10. Replace the engine controller.
11. Replace the system controller. Other printing problems

<Condition example>
Soiled media
Soiling due to ink mist or other substances.
1. Moisten the upper cover interior or feed unit, and then clean using a soft, fullwrung cloth.

6.1.3 Troubleshooting When Warnings Occur Ink Check (W01000/ W01001/ W01002/ W01003/ W01004/ W01005)

Codes in parentheses are not displayed when a warning occurs. These codes can be checked in the warning history by using SERVICE MODE>DISPLAY>
This is displayed when the electrodes mounted to the hollow needle in the ink tank unit detect that the ink is below the prescribed level.
<Probable problem locations>
Ink tank, ink tank unit, engine controller, system controller
1. Check the ink level.
2. Replace the ink tank.
3. Check the connectors of the ink tank unit.
4. Replace the ink tank unit.
5. Replace the engine controller.


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