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The Power Goes Off During Power On Or While Printing; Network Is Not Connected; Right Cover Does Not Open; Printing Problems (ink Is Full) - Canon W6400 Series Service Manual

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Replace the cable between the operation panel and system controller if the connection is not functioning normally.
Replace the cable between the engine controller and power supply if the connection is not functioning normally.
Replace the cable between the power supply and inlet unit if the connection is not functioning normally.
5. Replace the power supply.
6. Replace the operation panel.
7. Replace the engine controller.
8. Replace the system controller. The power goes off during power on or while printing

<Condition example>
The power goes off during power on or while printing.
Printhead, head relay PCB, carriage relay PCB
1. Replace the printhead.
2. Replace the head relay PCB.
3. Replace the carriage relay PCB.
4. Replace the engine controller.
5. Replace the system controller.
"Printhead Error! (E040000)" may appear when the power is turned off and then turned back on.
In this case, turn off the power once more and then start the printer in service mode.
Codes in parentheses are not displayed when a service call error occurs.
Service call errors can be check in the error history by selecting SERVICE MODE > DISPLAY > ERROR. Network is not connected

<Condition example>
Printing cannot be performed from the network.
Cable is not connected properly, incompatibility with hub, system controller fault
1. Check the cable.
Reconnect the LAN cable.
2. Check the communication settings.
Auto-negotiation cannot be performed for some configurations of the connected hub. Therefore, reset the network transmission speed and transfer mode
by matching each item of the [Ethernet Driver] in the [Interface Setting] menu with the specification of the hub that is used from the operation panel.
3. Replace the hub.
Explain to the customer that there is no problem with the printer unit.
4. Replace the sysytem controller. Right cover does not open

<Condition example>
The right cover does not open. (No error message is shown on the display.)
Connector is not connected properly, engine controller fault
1. Check the connector
Reconnect the valve motor connector (J3).
2. Replace the engine controller. Printing problems (ink is full)

<Condition example>
Step 1
- Interface is not recognized.
- A test print can be printed, but printing from the host computer is not functioning normally.
Step 2
- No printing can be performed.
- Printing of the test print and printing from the host computer are not functioning normally.
- Textures appear in the image.
Faulty host computer, faulty interface cable, faulty expansion interface board, dirty carriage rail, improper position for head tilt lever, faulty printhead,
faulty purge unit, faulty linear scale, faulty carriage unit, faulty carriage relay PCB, faulty engine controller, faulty system controller
Step 1 remedy
1. Interface cable
Replace the interface cable if a visual check reveals that the connectors are damaged, deformed, or otherwise do not function normally.
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