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Opening And Closing The Ink Supply Valve; Draining The Ink - Canon W6400 Series Service Manual

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3. Moving the wiper unit
1) Remove the right side cover.
2) Insert a long Phillips-head screwdriver into the hole in the purge gear from the printer right side.
3) Rotate the purge gear in the counter-clockwise direction, and then move the wiper unit.

4.3.14 Opening and Closing the Ink Supply Valve

1) Remove the right side cover.
2) Press the valve lever with your finger to open the ink supply valve. (Normally, the ink supply valve is closed.)
- If the tube is filled with ink and the printhead lock lever is unlocked while the ink supply valve is opened, the ink in the tube may reverseflow due to the
difference in the water head, and ink may leak from the ink supply needle.
- If the ink supply valve remains open, such as when an ink supply valve switching error occurs, remove the valve motor unit, and then close the ink supply

4.3.15 Draining the Ink

There are two methods of removing the ink, using a manual method or automatic method.
When the ink is drained, the ink inside the ink passage totaling approximately 228 g (38 g x 6 colors) is drained as waste ink.
To prevent ink leaks, be sure to always remove the ink inside the ink passage when disassembling or transporting the parts of the ink passage section.
1. Automatic ink drainage
Automatic ink drainage is performed by going to the Main Menu and selecting "Maintenance" > "Move Printer". It takes about 4 minutes for automatic
ink drainage to be performed.
Perform automatic ink drainage again if a power outage or other cause shuts off the power during the operation for automatic ink drainage.
2. Manual ink drainage
A syringe or other implement is used to remove the ink inside the ink passages one color at a time in the event of a printer electrical failure, firmware error,
or malfunction in supplying power to the printer.
a) Preparation
Prepare the following items before starting the manual ink drainage procedure.
1) Syringe having approx. 50-ml capacity (CK-0541-000) with connecting tube (QA2-6161-000)
If possible, try to use separate syringes for each color.
If the syringes are severely stained or if the tubes are attached to different-color needles, flush and wash the tubes (syringes) with water and allow them to
fully dry to prevent mixing of ink colors.
b) Overview of manual ink drainage
Ink supply valve
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