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Initial Inspection; Mechanical Inspection; Electrical Inspection; Claims For Damage And Repackaging - Philips IntelliVue MP70 Service Manual

Patient monitor.
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7 Installation Instructions

Initial Inspection

Mechanical Inspection

Open the shipping container(s) and examine each part of the instrument for visible damage, such as
broken connectors or controls, or scratches on the equipment surfaces. If the shipping carton/container
is undamaged, check the cushioning material and note any signs of severe stress as an indication of
rough handling in transit. This may be necessary to support claims for hidden damage that may only
become apparent during subsequent testing.

Electrical Inspection

The instrument has undergone extensive testing prior to shipment. It is not required, but it is
recommended that you perform the patient safety checks before the instrument is used for patient
monitoring. An extensive self check may also be performed. This recommendation does not supercede
local requirements.
All tests are described in the Testing and Maintenance section of this manual.

Claims For Damage and Repackaging

Claims for Damage

When the equipment is received, if physical damage is evident or if the monitor does not meet the
specified operational requirements of the patient safety checks or the extended self check, notify the
carrier and the nearest Philips Sales/Support Office at once. Philips will arrange for immediate repair or
replacement of the instrument without waiting for the claim settlement by the carrier.

Repackaging for Shipment or Storage

If the instrument is to be shipped to a Philips Sales/Support Office, securely attach a label showing the
name and address of the owner, the instrument model and serial numbers, and the repair required (or
symptoms of the fault). If available and reusable, the original Philips packaging should be used to
provide adequate protection during transit. If the original Philips packaging is not available or reusable
please contact the Philips Sales/Support Office who will provide information about adequate
packaging materials and methods.

Installing the Monitor (M8005A or M8007A)

There are different mounting options available for the monitor. This section covers the general
concepts of safe mount installations and specific steps for the mounting options sold by Philips.
Instructions which ship with a mounting solution should always take precedence over the instructions
described in this chapter.
You MUST follow the instructions that ship with the mounting solution, regardless of manufacturer.
Initial Inspection


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