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Jump-Starter - Black & Decker Start-It 90550871 Instruction Manual

450 amp jump-starter/air compressor
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Notes: This unit is delivered in a partially charged state – you must fully charge it before
using it for the first time. Initial AC charge should be for 48 hours.
Recharging battery after each use will prolong battery life; frequent heavy
discharges between recharges and/or overcharging will reduce battery life. The
battery can be recharged using the AC Charging Adapter (shown).
Make sure all other unit functions are turned OFF during recharging, as this can
slow the recharging process.
120 Volt AC Charging Method
The 120 Volt AC Charging Adapter is a UL listed "wall" type unit that operates from any 120 volt, 60 Hz AC
supply that has a standard North American outlet. The adapter has a barrel connector that plugs into the unit's
Recharging Port. Make sure the Jump-Starter Power Switch and Area Light Power Switch are turned OFF
during AC charging/recharging. When the 120 Volt AC Charging Adapter is plugged into the 12 Volt DC
Recharging Port, the Battery Charge Status LED Indicators will automatically light. As recharge progresses, the
LEDs will light, one by one. Charge the unit until one red, two yellow and one green LED indicators are lit.
Continue to recharge for one to two hours, then disconnect the Charging Adapter.
Note: The unit cannot be overcharged using this method.
Viewing Battery Charge Status
Press the Battery Status Pushbutton located on the unit's front panel. The four LEDs that make up the Battery
Status Display will light according to the unit's level of charge, where one light indicates the unit requires
recharging and all four lit indicates that the unit is fully charged and ready to operate.


This Jump-Starter is equipped with an ON/OFF Power Switch. Once the connections are properly made, turn the
switch ON to jump-start the vehicle.
1. Turn OFF vehicle ignition and all accessories (radio, A/C, lights, connected cell phone chargers, etc.). Place
vehicle in "park" and set the emergency brake.
2. Make sure the Jump-Starter Power Switch is turned to OFF.
3. Remove jumper clamps from clamp tabs. Connect the red clamp first, then the black clamp.
4. Procedure for jump-starting a NEGATIVE GROUNDED SYSTEM (negative battery terminal is connected to
chassis) (MOST COMMON)
4a. Connect POSITIVE (+) RED clamp to vehicle battery's positive terminal.
4b. Connect NEGATIVE (–) BLACK clamp to chassis or a solid, non-moving, metal vehicle component or
body part. Never clamp directly to NEGATIVE battery terminal or moving part.
5. Procedure for jump-starting POSITIVE GROUND SYSTEMS
Note: In the rare event that the vehicle to be started has a Positive Grounded System (positive battery terminal
is connected to chassis), replace steps 4a and 4b above with steps 5a and 5b, then proceed to step 6.
5a. Connect NEGATIVE (–) BLACK clamp to vehicle battery's negative terminal.
5b. Connect POSITIVE (+) RED clamp to vehicle chassis or a solid, non-moving, metal vehicle component or
body part. Never clamp directly to POSITIVE battery terminal or moving part.
6. When clamps are connected properly, turn the Jump-Starter Power Switch to ON.
7. Turn ON the ignition and crank the engine in 5-6 second bursts until engine starts.
8. Turn the Jump-Starter Power Switch back to the OFF position.
9. Disconnect the negative (–) engine or chassis clamp first, then disconnect the positive (+) battery clamp.
• If the connections to the battery's POSITIVE and NEGATIVE terminals are incorrect, the Reverse Polarity
Indicator will light (red) and the unit will sound a beep. Disconnect clamps and reconnect to battery with
correct polarity.
• If vehicle fails to start, turn OFF the ignition, turn OFF the Jump-Starter Power Switch, disconnect the jump-start
system's leads and contact a qualified technician to investigate why the engine did not start.
• Recharge this unit fully after each use.
• Jump-Starter Power Switch should be off prior to jump-starting.
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