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Making The Connections; Connect Amplifier To Power; Connect The Sensors; Connect Amplifier To Pc And Launch Desktop Application - Honeywell AA919 Installation And Technical Manual

Summing in-line amplifier


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Installation and Technical Manual for the
Summing In-Line Amplifier, Order Code AA919
10. Allow the Device Driver installation to run. Drivers will dis-
play as Ready to use when installation is complete, .
Figure 3.1.2h. Device Driver Installation Completion

3.2 | Making the Connections

3.2.1 | Connect Amplifier to Power

Refer to 1.3 and 2.2 to properly connect and apply power to the
Summing In-Line Amplifier.
When you apply power to the Summing In-Line Amplifier, the
POWER LED on the front of the device will glow green. The four
sensor LEDs will blink red.

3.2.2 | Connect the Sensors

Refer to 2.1 to properly connect required sensors to amplifier
ports. Up to four sensors can be connected.
As sensors are connected, accompanying port LEDs on the
front of the amplifier will glow green.
3.3 | Connect Amplifier to PC and Launch
Desktop Application

3.3.1 | Connect Mini USB cable

Connect the smaller end of the provided Mini USB cable to
the port on the rear of the Summing In-Line Amplifier as
shown in 2.2. Then connect the larger end of the mini USB
cable to a USB port on the computer..
Launch the Load Cell Summing In-Line Amplifier desktop
application on the PC.
Figure 3.3.1a. Honeywell Splash Screen (momentarily
Select the appropriate Communication Port from the drop
down. You can verify port availability by opening Device
Manager> Ports(COM & LPT), then select the correct port
from the dropdown.
Figure 3.3.1b. Select Communication Port
Click Connect. When the connection is complete the simu-
lated LED on the Connect button will glow green as shown
in "Figure 3.3.1b. Select Communication Port"
Sensing and Internet of Things


Table of Contents

Table of Contents