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Circuit Breaker Protection; Replacement Parts; Specifications - Panasonic MX-ZX1800 Operating Instructions Manual

Household use
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■ Please check following points before arranging for service.
● The blender jug base is attached loosely.
→ Tight the blender jug base up firmly onto the blender jug. (P. GB14)
Mixture in the
● The gasket of the lid or blender jug is not attached correctly.
blender jug is
→ Attach the gasket correctly. (P. GB14)
● The gasket of the lid or blender jug is damaged.
→ Replace the gasket. (P. GB25)
● Too much ingredients in the blender jug.
There is abnormal
→ Stop the appliance and reduce the ingredients.
noise or vibration.
● The blender jug base is attached loosely.
→ Tight the blender jug base up firmly onto the blender jug. (P. GB14)
● Too much Ice cubs or frozen fruit.
→ Turn off the appliance and after the blade is completely stopped,
The blade is spinning.
insert the tamper to circulate. (P. GB19)
● Quantity of the liquid is low.
→ Add liquid.
The texture and
● When you are blending quantity of less or over 4 servings, texture and
consistency of the mixture
consistency may not turn well on auto menus.
did not turn out well.
→ Try using the manual mode. (P. GB20-21)
indicators are
flashing alternately.
● This is a malfunction.
→ Contact an authorized Panasonic service center for check and repair.
indicators are
flashing alternately.
● The overloading protection is activated.
・Too many ingredients
・Using hard ingredients
The appliance stops
・Selected speed is too low for ingredients
during blending and
→ Turn off the appliance and wait 10 minutes before next use.
are flashing
* There is a possibility of failure if it is re-used immediately.
When re-using the appliance, allow the blade to rotate freely by
reducing the amount of ingredients or by increasing the speed.
The appliance stops
● This indicates that the motor temperature is overheating. Please stop
during blending, and
using the appliance and wait until the temperature goes down. (When the
appliance enters standby mode as in GB18 Figure 1, the temperature
indicators are
has gone back to normal.)
flashing alternately.
Cause and Action

Circuit Breaker Protection

In case of overload, the circuit breaker will be triggered, and the blender
will automatically stop running. You can take the following steps to
disable the protection.
1. Remove the blender jug from the motor housing, and reduce the
ingredients to less than the half capacity.
2. Turn the motor housing over, and press the reset button on its bottom.
3. Replace the blender jug, and after auto menu or manual mode setting,
press "
" to blend again.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available at your dealer or Service Center.
Part name
Part number
Jug gasket
Lid gasket
Ice pack


Power supply
Power consumption
Speed control
Operation rating
Working capacity
Dimensions (W × D × H) (approx.)
Mass (approx.)
Length of the mains lead (approx.)
Airborne Acoustical Noise
Circuit breaker
(on the bottom)
230 - 240 V
50 Hz
1200 - 1300 W
10 speed control
Continuous operation
(Repeat the cycle of 9 min ON and then 10 min OFF)
1800 mL
22.8 × 24.0 × 44.7 cm
6.1 kg
1.9 m
91 (dB (A) ref 1 pW)


Table of Contents