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If you experience any of the following difficulties while using the system, use
this troubleshooting guide to help remedy the problem before requesting
repairs. Should any problem persist, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
All the Input LED indicators and the LEDs above the volume control
are flashing at the same time.
 The protection feature is activated. Disconnect the AC cord and
check the items below.
 Check the connection with the connected speakers and turn on
the unit (Refer to "Set up" of the Operating Instructions).
 Make sure that the ventilations of the unit are not covered and
turn on the unit after a while.
 When the unit is using the USB-A connection, remove the device
connected to the A (USB-A) port and turn on the unit. If the unit
operates properly, the current of the connected USB device is over
the maximum output current of the unit 1A, or the USB device may
have an abnormality.
 If you listen to the sound at volumes high enough to distort the
sound, the protection feature might be activated. If the protection
feature is activated, disconnect the AC cord from the wall outlet
and reconnect it, then turn on the unit and turn down the volume.
The LED above the volume control flashes for a while even after
turning off the unit.
 This is not a malfunction. The LED flashes for about 30 seconds after
pressing the  (on/standby) button, and the unit enters the
standby mode when the LED turns off.
The unit does not turn on.
 Insert the AC adapter to the DC IN jack of the unit until it clicks.
 Insert the AC cord to the AC adapter firmly.
The unit does not turn on by pressing the  (on/standby) button
soon after connecting the AC adapter.
 The unit is checking its internal status. Wait for a few seconds and
press the  (on/standby) button.
The unit turns off automatically.
 Check the AUTO STANDBY switch on the rear side of the unit. If it is
set to "ON," the Auto standby function is activated. When set to ON,
the unit enters standby mode automatically if there is no playback
or operation for 15 minutes (Refer to "Part Names" of the Operating
The unit turns off automatically and unexpectedly, and the central
LED above the volume control lights up in blue.
 The BLUETOOTH standby mode is activated. Check the AUTO
STANDBY switch on the rear side of the unit. If both the BLUETOOTH
standby function and Auto standby function are activated, and
operations or music playback stops for over 15 minutes, the unit
turns off and enters the BLUETOOTH standby mode automatically
(Refer to "Part Names" of the Operating Instructions).
The last settings have not been retained.
 If the AC cord is disconnected from a mains or the AC adaptor is
disconnected from the DC IN jack while the unit turns on, the last
settings are not retained. Make sure that the unit is turned off when
you pull out the AC cord from the mains or pull out the AC adaptor
from the DC IN jack.
There is no sound from connected speakers or headphones.
 Make sure that the volume is not at the lowest setting.
 When using speakers, make sure the speaker cords are connected
correctly to both speakers. Sound is not output if one of the
connections is incomplete (Refer to "Set up" of the Operating
 When using headphones, make sure to connect the headphone
plug firmly to the  (headphone) jack of the unit.
 The sound is not output from the connected speakers when
headphones are connected to the unit. Pull out the headphone
plug from the  (headphone) jack.
Left and right sound balance is unclear or reversed.
 Position the speakers symmetrically.
 Make sure that speaker cords L/R and +/– are connected correctly.



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