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Other Information
Some digital cable channels are
not being displayed


How to reset the TV to factory
How to restore Picture settings
to factory settings
How to restore Sound settings
to factory settings
Cannot cycle through the other
video equipment connected to
the TV
Cannot operate the setting
Lost password
TIMER LED on front panel is
POWER LED blinks in red
LAMP LED blinks in red
The replacement lamp does not
light up
Digital cable box does not work ❏
TV cabinet creaks
A slight creaking noise occurs
from the bottom part of the TV
The cooling fan is loud
Certain cable companies have limitations on the broadcast of digital cable
channels. Check with your cable company for more information.
The digital cable channel may be set to Hidden in the Channel setting (see page
Turn on the TV. While holding down the V button on the remote control, press the
POWER button on the TV. Release the POWER button then release the V button.
The TV will turn itself off, then back on again with Initial Setup.
WARNING: This operation will clear all of your customized settings including
Parental Lock setting.
Select Reset setting option while in the Picture setting (see page 34).
Select Reset setting option while in the Sound setting (see page 37).
Be sure the Label Video Inputs option is not set to Skip (see page 45).
If a setting option appears in gray, this indicates that the setting option is not
On the password screen, enter the following master password: 4357. The master
password clears your previous password; it cannot be used to temporarily unblock
When lit, indicates that the timer is set (see page 46). When the timer is set, this
LED will remain lit even when the TV is turned off.
If the LED blinks three times, the lamp door or the lamp might not be securely
attached (see page 51). The LED blinks two times if there is an abnormal rise in
temperature inside the TV when any ventilation openings are blocked.
Replace the lamp (see page 51).
The lamp door or the lamp might not be securely attached. Repeat the steps on
page 51 to ensure that they are both installed securely.
If you are connecting a VCR and digital cable box using a splitter, as described on
page 17, you must use a special bi-directional splitter that is designed to work
with your digital cable box. Contact your cable provider for details.
When the TV is in use, there is a natural rise in temperature, causing the cabinet to
expand or contract and may be accompanied by a slight creaking noise. This is not
a malfunction.
Advanced Iris applies a mechanical iris system. When Advanced Iris is set, a
natural creaking noise occurs due to the basic structure of the optical unit. The
creaking sound is an inherent nature of this system and is not a defect.
If the TV is used at high altitudes and Cooling Mode is set to High, the cooling
fan runs faster and its sound becomes louder. If the TV is not used at high
altitudes, set Cooling Mode to Normal (see page 47).


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