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Description - Honeywell VQ400 Series Product Handbook

Universal gas class “a” combination valves
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The VQ400 Series combination valves are suitable for the
control of gaseous fluids in gas consuming appliances
according to international standards.
The VQ400 Series combination valves meet the class "A"
specification according EN161.
The VQ400 Series combination valves have straight flanged
pipe connection from 3/4" up to 2".
The VQ400 Series combination valves are standard equipped
with two main valves V1 and V2. Safety valve V1 is always
fast opening/closing. The second valve (V2) can be either fast
(= with flow regulation) or slow (= with flow regulation and
adjustable opening).
At the main body (4) flange connections are provided to
mount either an:
• internal by--pass valve to achieve high--low flame control
• internal or external pilot valve
• vent valve
• pressure switch (Min. or Max.)
• Valve Proving System (VPS) + pressure switch.
These accessories can be mounted on various positions of
the main body of the VQ400.
EN2R--9018 9704R1--NE

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