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Ordering Information - Honeywell VQ400 Series Product Handbook

Universal gas class “a” combination valves
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VQ: class "A" combination gas valve
4: line voltage
8: low voltage
straight flange connection
DN20 (3/4")
DN25 (1")
DN40 (1 1/2")
DN50 (2")
NOTE: By--pass, internal/external pilot valve and vent
valve are always 3/4" threaded.
Internal by--pass valve have:
3/4" seat and coil assy for VQ400
DN20 -- 40
1" seat and coil assy for VQ400
Internal/external pilot valve have:
1/2" seat
Flanges to be ordered separately
(see Flange kits on page 4).
Pressure switch (Min.) is standard included
(position has to be specified, see table 3.)
How to select your valve
Standard the VQ400 Series combination valves are equipped
with two main valves V1 and V2. Safety valve V1 is always
fast opening/closing. The second valve (V2) can be either fast
(= with flow regulation) or slow (= with flow regulation and
adjustable opening).
At the main body (4) flange connections are provided to
mount either pressure switches (Min. or Max.), a by--pass
valve, a pilot valve, a vent valve or a VPS + pressure switch.
These additional functionalities can can be mounted on
various positions of the main body of the VQ400. The
positions are specified by a letter code behind the O.S.
number. With the table below you are able to compose your
own customized combination valve to match your
requirements exactly.
Ordering Specification number
VQ 4 xx A A 1xxx -- VWXY A/B/C
Fig. 12. Ordering information VQ400 Series combination valves
Optional: Cabling (see electrical
connections on page 4.)
A: standard plug connection according
B: three pin plug connector ("DIN" plug)
C: complete cabling with Valve Proving
System (VPS)
Positions additional functionalities
see table 3., page 16
Specification number
Characteristics 2
by--pass valve
A: 2
internal by--pass/high--low valve
B: 2
internal by--pass/high--low valve
C: 2
internal by--pass/high--low valve
D: 2
internal by--pass/high--low valve
Additional functionalities
A: no extra (3
B: internal by--pass/high--low valve
C: vent valve
D: internal by--pass and vent valve
E: external pilot valve
F: external pilot valve and internal
by--pass/high--low valve
G: internal by--pass valve and internal pilot
H: internal by--pass valve and no 1
J: external pilot valve and vent valve
Ordering example
After you have the decided the size and additional
functionalities and their characteristics, continue with
specifying the positions of the additional functionalities (see
table 3.)
For example you want to order a VQ400 Series combination
valve with the following specifications: 1" connection, second
valve slow, a pressure switch (Min.) at position V a by--pass
valve at position Y and DIN plug connections on all valves.
From figure 12. you find i.e. O.S. number VQ425AB1009
Continue with specifying the code behind the O.S number,
starting with position V and end with Y, using the table 3. For
the positions you don't use, place a 0 (plug). In our example
the code behind the O.S. number is 1003B
valve and internal
valve fast open and fast open
valve slow open and fast open
valve fast open and slow open
valve slow open and slow open
) valve
EN2R--9018 9704R1--NE

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