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Activate Bluetooth With "Music Flow Bluetooth" App - LG RK7 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Install "Music Flow Bluetooth" App
through "Google Android Market
(Google Play Store)"
1. Tap the "Google Android Market (Google Play
Store)" icon.
2. In the search bar, type in the "Music Flow
Bluetooth" and search it.
3. In the search result list, find and tap "Music Flow
Bluetooth" to start downloading Bluetooth app.
4. Tap an icon for installation.
5. Tap an icon for downloading.
y Make sure that your Bluetooth device is
connected to the Internet.
y Make sure that your Bluetooth device is
equipped with "Google Android Market
(Google Play Store)" .
Activate Bluetooth with "Music
Flow Bluetooth" App
"Music Flow Bluetooth" app helps to connect your
Bluetooth device to this unit.
1. Tap "Music Flow Bluetooth" app icon on the home
screen to open "Music Flow Bluetooth" app, and
go to the main menu.
2. If you want to get more information to operate,
tap [Setting] and tap [Help] menu.
y "Music Flow Bluetooth" app will be available
in the software version as follow;
- Android O/S: Ver 4.0.3 (or later)
y If you use "Music Flow Bluetooth" app for
operation, there would be some differences
between "Music Flow Bluetooth" app and
the supplied remote control. Use the supplied
remote control as necessary.
y Depending on the Bluetooth device, "Music
Flow Bluetooth" app may not work.
y After connection of "Music Flow Bluetooth"
app, music may be output from your device.
In this case, try connecting procedure again.
y If you operate the other applications or
change the settings on your Bluetooth
device while using "Music Flow Bluetooth"
app, "Music Flow Bluetooth" app may operate
y When "Music Flow Bluetooth" app operates
abnormally, check your Bluetooth device and
the connection of "Music Flow Bluetooth" app
and then try to connect again.
y Depending on the smart phone's operating
system, you have some differences for "Music
Flow Bluetooth" operation.
y Check Bluetooth setting on your Bluetooth
device if "Music Flow Bluetooth" app
connection does not work well.

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