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Using The Music Flow Bluetooth App; About "Music Flow Bluetooth" App; Install "Music Flow Bluetooth" App Onto Your Bluetooth Device - LG RK7 Owner's Manual

High power speaker system
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Using the Music Flow
Bluetooth App
y Only Android OS is available to use "Music
Flow Bluetooth" app with this unit.
y It is recommended to use the latest version
of app.
About "Music Flow Bluetooth"
"Music Flow Bluetooth" app brings a suite of new
features to this unit.
To enjoy more features, you are recommended to
download and install free "Music Flow Bluetooth"
Below introduces you to a few of the many features
of "Music Flow Bluetooth" app.
Multi Juke box : Your entertainment increases three
fold when you connect up to 2 Bluetooth phones
at the same time. Play music from both phones and
create a customized playlist from all phones.
Install "Music Flow Bluetooth"
App onto Your Bluetooth Device
There are two ways to install "Music Flow Bluetooth"
app onto your Bluetooth device.
Install "Music Flow Bluetooth" App
through QR code
1. Install "Music Flow Bluetooth" app through QR
code. Use the scanning software to scan the QR
2. Tap an icon for installation.
y Make sure that your Bluetooth device is
connected to the Internet.
y Make sure that your Bluetooth device
has a scanning software application. If you
don't have one, download one from "Google
Android Market (Google Play Store)" .
y Depending on the area, QR code may not

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