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LG RK7 Owner's Manual page 18

High power speaker system
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LG Sound Sync with wireless
1. Turn on the unit by pressing 1.
2. Press F until LG TV function is selected.
3. Set up the sound output of TV to listen to the
sound through this unit:
TV setting menu [Sound]
[LG Sound Sync (Wireless)]
"PAIRED" appears on the display window for
about 3 seconds and then you can see "LG TV"
on the display window if the TV and this unit are
connected normally.
[TV Sound output]
y You can also use the remote control of
this unit while using LG Sound Sync. If you
use TV' s remote control again, the unit
synchronizes with the TV. (According to TV
Specifications, the volume and mute of this
unit synchronize with TV.)
y If the connection fails, check the conditions of
this unit and your TV: power, function.
y Make sure of the condition of this unit and
the connection in the cases below when
using LG Sound Sync.
- The unit is turned off.
- Changing to a different function.
- Disconnecting the wireless connection
caused by interference or a distance.
- Disconnecting the optical cable.
y The amount of time to turn off this unit is
different depending on your TV.
y If you try to change the function on using
the LG TV function, volume will be change
according to the LG TV volume level.
y Details of TV setting menu vary depending on
models of your TV.
y If you turned off the unit directly by pressing
1, LG Sound Sync will be disconnected.
To use this function again, you should
reconnect the TV and the unit.
y The volume may be increased when the TV
and this unit is connected by LG Sound Sync.
Decrease the TV volume and then connect
with this unit.
y When you turn on your LG TV connected
by LG Sound Sync or enter LG TV function,
this unit changes the function to LG TV
y You should set the TV Sound output manually
depending on the TV version.
y If you control TV volume when this unit and
TV are connected by LG Sound Sync, this unit
may louder the volume due to synchronizing
volume with TV' s .

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