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Support And Troubleshooting; Solving Common Problems - HP OMEN X 65 User Manual

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Support and troubleshooting

Solving common problems

The following table lists possible problems, the possible cause of each problem, and the recommended
Monitor automatically
switches from NVIDIA SHIELD
mode to the DisplayPort
input after a monitor OSD
Factory Reset is performed.
Monitor plays video without
Screen is blank or video is
Screen appears to flicker
Image appears blurred,
indistinct, or too dark.
Check Video Cable is
displayed on the screen.
The monitor is off but it did
not seem to enter into a low-
power sleep mode.
OSD Lockout is displayed.
Power Button Lockout is
Chapter 3 Support and troubleshooting
Possible cause
Monitor is following a worldwide low-
power efficiency standard that
requires the monitor to reset to a
low-power consumption input.
Surround sound settings are incorrect
for your configuration.
Power cord is disconnected.
Monitor is turned off.
Master power switch is set to Off.
Video cable is improperly connected.
System is in sleep mode.
Video card is incompatible.
Ambient Light Sensor has been
turned on.
Brightness setting is too low.
Monitor video cable is disconnected.
The monitor's power-saving control is
The monitor's OSD Lockout function
is enabled.
The monitor's Power Button Lockout
feature is enabled.
To return back to SHIELD mode, open the monitor OSD menu
and select NVIDIA SHIELD from the input menu.
Open the SHIELD interface and select Settings, select Display
and Sound, and then select Advanced Settings. In the
Surround Sound setting options, set to Auto or Fixed
Connect the power cord.
Press the rear panel power button.
Set the master power switch on the rear of the monitor to the
On position.
Connect the video cable properly. See
on page 5
for more information.
Press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse to
inactivate the screen blanking utility.
Open the OSD menu and select the Input Control menu. Set
Auto-Switch Input to Off and manually select the input.
Turn off the Ambient Light Sensor option. Open the OSD menu
and select Picture, select Ambient Light Sensor, and then set
Ambient Light Sensor to Off.
Open the OSD menu and select Brightness to adjust the
brightness scale as needed.
Connect the appropriate video signal cable between the
computer and monitor. Be sure that the computer power is off
while connecting the video cable.
For best performance, use the DisplayPort cable
included with your monitor.
Open the OSD menu and select Power Control, select Auto-
Sleep Mode, and then set auto-sleep to On.
Press and hold the joystick in the left position for 10 seconds
to disable the OSD Lockout function.
Press and hold the power button on the rear panel for 10
seconds to unlock the power button function.
Connecting the cables


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