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Using Rgb Gain Control; Adjusting The Ambient Lighting; Using Usb Storage Devices - HP OMEN X 65 User Manual

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Color preset
Low Blue Light

Using RGB Gain Control

RGB Gain Control can be used to adjust the color temperature of any color preset. RGB gain adjustments are
stored separately for each color preset. Each RGB gain adjustment supports both boost and cut adjustments.

Adjusting the ambient lighting

The color and brightness of the ambient lights on the back of the monitor can be adjusted using the OSD
menu or OMEN Command Center.
To adjust the ambient lighting:
Press the center of the OSD joystick to open the OSD menu. Select Gaming, and then select Ambient
Select a setting:
Off: Turns off the ambient lighting.
Screen glow: Makes backlight color follow the screen average color for gaming and video.
Static color: Sets ambient light color to red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and cyan.
Random color: Randomly cycles ambient light color through the static colors.
LED brightness: Adjusts the ambient lighting brightness.
Ambient lighting is set to On (Omen Red) by default.

Using USB storage devices

Your built-in SHIELD features 16 GB of internal storage. You can increase the storage space for applications
and media by setting up a USB drive to replace or increase internal storage.
Chapter 2 Using the monitor
Identical to the Standard preset, but also enables game-specific options including overdrive. In HDR, this
preset uses the 2084 PQ + clip response, as recommended by the HDR Gaming Interest Group, a
consortium of gaming developers and monitor manufacturers.
Recommended for watching film and television content. For SDR content, the preset uses a Rec. 709
gamut, a BT.1886 EOTF, a D65 white point, and a brightness of 100 nits to match the configuration of
reference monitors used by broadcasters and studios. For HDR content, the preset uses a DCI-P3 gamut,
a 2084 PQ EOTF, and a D65 white point.
Identical to the Standard preset, but also provides a wide DCI-P3 gamut (with no additional chroma
boosting) for SDR content.
Identical to the Cinema color preset, but provides a warmer D55 white point in both SDR and HDR. This
white point is close to that used by 35 mm projectors and may be preferred for watching black-and-
white films because it more closely matches their original appearance.
Identical to the Standard color preset, but provides a cooler, more blue look than the standard white
point. This preset uses a D75 white point.
Identical to the Standard color preset, but reduces the amount of blue spectral energy emitted by the
monitor. This color preset has a very warm color temperature (4874K).


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