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Recommended Scheduled Maintenance; How To Replace The Battery Pack; Figure 31. Battery On/Off Switch And Battery Connector - Honeywell Touchpoint Plus Wireless Technical Handbook

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8.10.1 Recommended Scheduled Maintenance

Visually inspect the Touchpoint Plus Battery and (as the enclosure is open) all cabling.
Check for signs of damage, deterioration, or loose connections.
Periodically check that the cooling vents have not become obstructed.

8.10.2 How to Replace the Battery Pack

Touchpoint Plus shall not be operated with the access door unsecured when in Normal mode.
Failing to secure it properly will risk fire or explosion and will invalidate Regulatory Approval.
The battery pack has circuitry that puts it into sleep mode to save power when it is not connected and running.
Connecting it to a powered-up Touchpoint Plus causes the battery to change to active mode and it will
function normally after a short booster charge.
To replace the battery pack:
1) Ensure that the atmosphere is below flammable levels.
2) Leave the Touchpoint Plus Controller powered on.
3) Unscrew the two locking handle security screws and open the enclosure.
4) Switch the backup battery On/Off switch to Off (Fig. 31) to isolate the battery.
5) Replace the battery pack with Honeyywell Analytics part no.
6) Switch the backup battery On/Off switch back to On.
7) Close the enclosure door and secure the handle with the two security screws.
Note: Ensure that the battery On/Off switch is in the On position before closing the access door or the backup
battery will not work when it is most required.

Figure 31. Battery On/Off Switch and Battery Connector

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Table of Contents